OOOOOH a new author for me and I was no disappointed. I love spies of all types and Mick may just be my new favourite. And I am not biased at all that he is British! If he could have been Scottish then he would have been perfect!


Kit is suffering just about the worst year ever. Her father can’t remember her, her family committed embezzlement against their own charity and she is no out of a job. Taking a long hiking holiday is just what she needs to clear out the cobwebs and decide what to do with her life next. She did NOT expect to have a man pushed out of a helicopter almost on top of her. But Kit is not a stupid girl, she may help treat his injuries but not before she tied him up first!

Mick is…mysterious. He can’t tell Kit what he does so she makes it her mission to make up the wackiest stories about her “super spy”. As they make their way back to civilisation and then DC to ensure Mick and his information make it back to his handlers in time, they have a few “hot pauses”. These two know how to release tension!

Whilst the story to begin with is on a time crunch, as the storyline develops the time line elongates and it think this helps to set the mood for the last part of the book. The immediate danger is over but the baddies are still out there and it just ramps up the expectation of danger. I was equally frustrated, elated, heartbroken and smiling with the relationship between Mick and Kit and the others at DAG.

Kit proves herself to be brave, compassionate and not a little foolhardy! Mick just can’t help beating himself up more than anyone else ever could. I really wanted to throttle the pair of them occasionally. I take this as the sign of a really good book!

Mick has a very believable and horrific case of PTSD and I just wanted to give him a cuddle when you realise just how much he has had to adapt to avoid his triggers. Kit doesn’t emasculate him either, she is right there with him and helps him through some tough times. Kit later has her own demons to deal with and I loved the way the characters ended up kind of mirroring each other.

I loved all the background characters. They all had a part to play and weren’t just dropped in as filler. I can’t wait to meet them all in more depth. I want more now!!!!