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Winter Takes All (PDA #19) by Milly Taiden

Tevrik left his pack behind after he felt responsible for the death of a younger packmate. Now he lives…well lives in the back end of nowhere, Alaska! But he can live off the land and even has a cool as anything greenhouse! He might be a bit lonely but when a female literally falls into his lap he takes care of her, but can he resist the fact that she is his mate?

Juliet takes on another assignment in Alaska. She loves the cold, arctic weather. She is carrying out a snow survey when she finds a cache of hidden gold. But when she falls through a hole and into the arms of Tevrik she is a little lost for words. Didn’t Gerri say something about falling into “his lap”? She manages to get kidnapped again (she has my kinda luck!) but Tevrik is not going to let anything happen to Juliet.

Great story and loved the way he and his pack come together again!

Don’t Fight It (Hazard Falls #1) by Samantha A. Cole

Shane and Tucker thought they had won the lottery when they convinced their late wife to take a chance on a ménage a trois, even facing down the small town gossips of Hazard Falls. But their HEA didn’t last long and their wife was taken from them by cancer. But not before she had gifted them with an adorable daughter.

Paige turned against her conniving, scheming husband and turned him into the authorities when she found out he was basically running a Ponzi scheme. But the whispers started and her so called friends dumped her. She also had to go into protective custody until she could appear at court and testify. That’s where she met a relative of Shane. He spoke with Shane and now she is the new nanny at the ranch!

Shane and Tucker really did not expect lightening to strike twice and they can’t believe that Paige has ignited both of their libido’s. They have continued to love each other but Tucker can feel Shane disconnecting and he knows they need a third to cement their relationship. He also sees Paige as a gift from their late wife, who always told them to find love and take it!

I loved that Shane and Tuckers family and friends just take the relationship as what it is, love. No labels, no naysayers. Same can’t be said for the town though! Paige is just the right mix of stubborn, tough and soft that the boys need. And when danger comes calling for Paige, well the boys corral their woman and make sure they take out all and any threats to their future happiness.

Great read!

Demon Born (The Witches of Canyon Road #5) by Christine Pope

Cat is settling into her new home at the former Vineyard. She is happy farming out the vines to someone who has the time and patience for them, but she isn’t above learning a thing or two about grapes!

But when the Lord of Chaos, or as he now calls himself Loc, turns up at her home seeking a place of safety whilst he tries to find a witch strong enough to send him back to the demon Plane, her life gets a LOT more complicated.

Twists and turns aplenty with conniving witches, warlocks with an agenda, humans with an unnatural obsession and the usual family squabbles! Great read and Cat and Loc really complement each other. Well crafted story and compelling characters!

Touch Of Eon (Eon Warriors #2) by Anna Hackett

The next Traynor sister is on the scene and causing mayhem for these poor Alpha aliens!

Lara is a tough, battle-hardened Space Marine. She takes crap from no-one and can give as good as she gets. But her weak spots are her sisters, which Earth authorities are not above manipulating. Lara slips through Eon space stealing the Eon’s sacred gems and leading Caze in a merry dance.

Caze is not used to feisty females leading him by the nose! He thought that dealing with Eve was bad enough but Lara pushes all his buttons. She is strong, determined and stubborn. When they grudgingly join forces to keep the Kantos from getting the jewels he also realises that her love for her sisters is deep. Almost as deep as the hurt she likes to lay on him, the female is not pulling her punches!

Sneaking aboard Kantos Ships, blood churning laboratories, very Lara Croft-esque raiding of temples – there is something to delight everyone! Lara thinks love ruins your life and Caze has never experienced any kind of softness so they are a bit of a pair.

Wren is next up and I cannot wait to see how this little mouse of a nerd has been leading a whole starship full of warriors around by the computer she holds!

Portal Thrugh the Veil by Miranda Lynn

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Genre: #YA #Fantasy #KindleUnlimited
An heir set to rule over all of Faery, on one condition- that she marry and take a King to rule at her side. Her father is determined to see her wed to a prince of his choosing, however, Tatianna has other plans. Plans that don’t involve tying the knot. What this princess didn’t anticipate, was the unexpected guest to what was, essentially, her engagement festival.

Kallan, prince of the dark court- was not only unexpected, but uninvited. He knew it would be a risk to show up. Not only was he a dark fae, but part human as well. It would all be worth it though to see her again. When light meets dark- and two worlds collide – secrets, lies, and betrayals are exposed.

Luckily, fate, magic, and a bit of diving intervention will help bring balance back to the land of Faery. No matter the cost.


Author Bio & Stalker Links

Time Travel and Paranormal Romance author. Her Destiny series takes you on a roller coaster ride through time with sexy Highlanders and sassy female heroines. If shifters are your kryptonite then check out her Black Mountain Pack series which throws a twist on the traditional shifter lore.

Miranda is a mother to two teenage boys who are sure they know it all, a 75lb lapdog, and a 15lb foot warmer. She is thankful her husband doesn’t mind the extra voices in her head. 
Miranda is an only child who grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois which left her plenty of time to make up stories in her head for entertainment. She currently resides in Tennessee where she wonders if Mother Nature will ever stop with the hormonal mood swings. She fuels herself with coffee, chocolate, and wine.

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The Dragon and the Vampire: Supernatural Enforcement Bureau #1 by AK Michaels

Supernatural Enforcement Bureau #1
By The New York Times Best Selling
Author #AKMichaelsAuthor

As Director of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, powerful Vampire Roman thought he had seen it all…until he discovers that Dragons actually exist. Can he help the Dragon being hunted on his patch? He certainly has the means at his disposal… if they can find it first… before the dark magic-wielding Witches and their Vampire cohorts.


My Review: I do not give 5 stars easily – I am a tough old cookie. I would easily give this little gem more if I could!!! I’ve read a fair few of Ava’s books now and I think I may love this one the best (SSSSHHHHHH don’t let Gabe and Josef from WWV hear that!!!!!)

Ronan is the director of the SEB. He joined shortly after its inception and rose quickly. Although now mostly a desk jockey, which he hates, he still likes to get out of the office and kick ass on occasion. He has some moves for a 400 year old plus Vampire!!! He is tasked with searching for and protecting a dragon, long thought extinct, by his sire, Josef.

Starr, said dragon, has been on the run for so long, she no longer trusts anyone and is forever on the watch for hunters. When she first encounters Ronan and his team she doesn’t smell the stench of black magic on them but that doesn’t mean she’s going to trust the “bloodsucking leech”. Their second encounter sows the seeds of trusts and when they finally meet face to face she feels a natural pull towards him.

No spoilers here but I loved the interplay and building relationship between them. There was no real insta-love but the slow burn of attraction. Ronans attitude, macho over a soft gooey centre is so sweet. I love that he swears in Irish Gaelic as it sets him apart from the umpteen other vampires floating around. Starr, is fiercely independent and used to taking care of herself. I don’t know why but I hear her in my head with a New York or New Jersey accent, no idea why!!!! The sparks between Fang and Puff are ridiculously hot.

Snow: Galaxy Mail Order Brides by Michelle M. Pillow

Snow may be last to find his bride, but that doesn’t mean that he has it easy. He may have seen his brothers meet and fall in love, but that does not make his path smoother. If anything it seems to make it worse!

When he meets Jennifer she portrays herself as a hiker looking at the sky but when she zaps him with a sedative, even Snow knows that there is something wrong.

Jennifer has been undercover in the Foundation. She has been slowly helping captured aliens escape. But Snow and his brothers have turned out to be a major challenge. The other Chaos wives aren’t exactly helping either! But when the Foundation close in, Jennifer just might get to see the spaceship she has always wanted to see.

Gary and Bob are back to help(read make more of a mess of things!) We also learn more about Jennifer’s background with aliens and a certain neighbour who was Bevlon/Angelion mix (bring to mind anyone else ahem ahem!) Brilliant end to the trilogy and all my loose ends are tied up!

Her Captivated Hero (Black Dawn #6) by Caitlyn O’Leary

Black Dawn are back with a flash bang!

Gray is charming, with an easy smile and a way that puts all those around him, especially females of all ages, at ease. When he meets the scarily smart, sweet and supremely klutzy Riya prior to a team wedding, he never expected her to make such an impact on him or his heart.

Riya can quite facts, figures and all manner of science, all day every day. But grasping the nuances of social interactions? That’s flummoxing to her. She loves her small, tight knit group of friends from the research labs where she works. They have stopped making her feel such a pariah, always on the outside and looking in. Gray was an entanglement she really did not see coming. But now that she has him she doesn’t want to lose him. Thankfully he feels the same but a certain despot in the Middle East apparently didn’t get the memo!

It would have been oh so easy to go down the old Asian super-brain, closeted female route but Riya is anything but typical. Her family adore her, even when they don’t fully understand her mind. She also breaks the Autism stigma too. As the auntie of 5 kids, all on the spectrum somewhere, I really loved how well her characters idiosyncrasies where handled.

This was quite a slow burner in the smexiness stakes but oh my, once it got going! Riya is a kick-ass Brainiac heroine who wears her heart as well as her nerd card on her sleeve! Brilliant couple!

A Soldier’s Honor (The Riley Code #1) by Regan Black

Bethany has been the victim of a security breach in military personnel records. Which, although bad enough, also means that she may have to do some very quick thinking when it comes to her son. Like explaining why she has consistently kept his father from him. A father who was a good guy and wanted to be involved in his life. But someone really wants the two to meet, someone with much more nefarious plans.

Caleb is a bright spark, so bright that he might just make his mother do a very dumb thing, reach out to his father and threaten the wrath of a mother scorned!

Major Matt Riley always wants to know his son, more than the paltry report cards and occasional photographs that his mother provides. He would have been happy to become a family but it seems with Bethany, it was her way or the highway and he settled for the little crumbs she gives him. He thought life was complicated as it was keeping all the fragments of his life separate. But someone is now laying threats at the door of his boss, or are they?

Not your average secret baby story. And I have to admit that I really, really struggled with liking Bethany. She grated on my nerves a bit. Yes it was her body but two make a baby and she just decided she knew what was best for her, Calen AND Matt. Lots of sneaky sub plots to keep you guessing and a great extended Riley family, including his bestie Alex Gadsden, who jut may be a chink in another Riley sibling’s armour!!! So close to 5 *!

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