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Flame (Dark Kings #17) by Donna Grant

Cain and Noreen are great leading characters!  Cain is pretty straight-forward as Dragons go but Noreen?  Oh that woman has secrets, layers and layers of secrets!  Just when you think you have her sussed, blam another secret. This book just gives more weight to the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  Another example of that is Ubitch – I mean she is just rotten to the core!
I’m now on tenterhooks for the last Dragon Kings book.  I’m torn – I want the conclusion to the story arc, to know EXACTLY what happened and when.  I need to know that my faith in Ubitch being the worst baddie in the world is justified LOL!
Please read this series in order, along with its offshoots.  It just helps so much to keep Dragon Kings, Mates and assorted other characters straight in your head. 
PS  I do hope ol’ JusticeBringer is sharpening his skills – I think his time to shine draws near!

Rewind (Time Captive #2) by Heather Long

Valda and the boys are back!  Well I say boys, these 4 are all men and all of them are just what Valda needs to get through life!
Valda may be trapped but she is not about to down without a fight.  She has 4 very big reasons to get out of the hot water she has found herself in. Andreas, Hatch, Oz, and Dirk are again providing her with all the energy and inspiration to get them out of the hellish prison they’ve found themselves in.
Now fighting not only their prison but also a countdown clock, things are going to get hairy for our quintet!
Really enjoying this dystopian journey through Valda and boys adventures.

Echoes in the Mist by Rifi Strawn

Stanley Howard has led a charmed life.  Raised by her loving and extremely wealthy aunt after the deaths of her parents, groomed her for a life running the family cosmetics firm.  She’s pretty much a workaholic but after the sudden death of her aunt, after turning down a holiday in Africa with her due to work, she is flabbergasted to realise that her aunts will states she has to take her ashes to Africa.  And stay there for 3 months!
If she doesn’t she’ll lose everything she has ever known.  But between her city ways and her terror of all things wild, just how on earth is she going to last 3 months!  Enter her saviour in safari clothing.  Wild Animal Vet Jeremy.  His small conservation lodge is where her aunt spent her last few months and she slowly understands why.  The staff treat you as family, the wildlife is amazing (though terrifying) and the scenery is heartstopping.
Jeremy is an animal lover, but he also has wealthy blood.  He fell in love with the lodge when he was a child, before heartbreak forced his family back to South Africa.  He can’t believe that Stanley’s go-getter aunt is the same elderly, female who lived at the lodge.  But that’s not going to stop him for falling for the cute American.
What follows is a whirlwind of plot, subplot, double-dealing, gold digging family relatives, deep family secrets and action packed adventure over Africa and California. I loved the fast pace and I soon found myself immersed in the stunning landscapes depicted.  I struggled with liking Stanley occasionally, she comes off as just a bit too entitled and rubbed me the wrong way.  But overall she was an engaging character.  Loved all the big reveals – there was more than one!  Just as you get things sussed – plot twist!

One Hundred Reasons (Aspen Cove #1) by Kelly Collins

Sage is a damn good nurse but she has a major case of Saviour complex. She hasn’t met a good cause she wouldn’t help/support/nurse or finance.  But she hits an emotional rock-bottom after her favourite patient dies.  She later learns that that same patient left her a B&B in a blink and you’ll miss it town.  She only intends to travel to Aspen Cove and sell her inheritance before trying together salvage her career or move on.
Cannon will forever live in the shadow of his father, for all the wrong reasons.  He runs the towns bar and is the son of the town drunk, not a great combination. He had long ago given up his dreams in favour of looking after his alcohol soaked father.
Very slow-paced romance but is actually quite a quick read!  Our leading couple are very much frosty to one another to begin with but they are soon chipping off each others rough edges.  Sage is very much an advice giver but she can’t take her own advice!
Whilst not a “Clean romance” it’s not a bed burner either. There are a few triggers some might need to know above: Alcoholism and Domestic Abuse.

The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) by Melanie Summers

Tessa is NOT a Royalist!  She loves nothing better than hauling them over the coals, bringing them to task.  Especially one very arrogant, playboy Prince.  Her blog, the Royal Watchdog, has pretty much made him Enemy #1! 
Prince Arthur just wants to live as much of his life on his terms as possible.  But he realises that if the Royal Family topples he doesn’t have a back up plan.  Enter Master Plan No1.  Get the person who hates him most installed in the Castle and let her get a taste of just what it’s like to be a “Prince”.
Warm, witty and wonderful!   I love a good RomCom and this is a little gem.  I’m not usually a Royalist myself but I found myself happily cheering on Arthur (just maybe not his dad!)  Arthur and Tessa remind e a bit of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn – all fireworks, spiky banter and witty putdowns! Very modern take on age old problem and my favourite scene had to be the texts Arthur exchanges with another Problem Prince LOL.

Broken (Deep Ops #3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Ah Wolfe. Enigmatic former SEAL with PTSD. With his trusty sidekick Kat he has been the silent support through the other books in the series. Now he gets to have his HEA!

Dana is our very own Lois Lane. She givers her all to her stories and more than once she may have got herself into a little bit of trouble. She has also been a great support to the team – much to the Mainstream Homeland agents chagrin! Now she is in the sights of one of her most dangerous targets yet and Wolfe may be her only way out!

OMG Wolfe undercover at a sex club – yummy! Add in dysfunctional family weddings, meeting Dana’s sisters (yes there are more of her!) and more slapstick adventures with Roscoe and this is another great book in this series! Plus we have fresh blood joining the gang – including a very mysterious Brit – roll over James Bond 007!

Dana and Wolfe may not have had an easy start in the romance department but they have had a really strong friendhip and attraction. I loved that they never really lost anything from taking their friendship further. I loved learning about wedding bingo – I’m going to suggest this at out next family wedding! Roscoe – that poor doggie needs his own emotional support animal – he got issues!

I will attempt to wait patiently for the next book in the series – who am I kidding! I’m already counting down the day!

God of War (Tom Clancy’s Op-Center #19) by Jeff Rovin

What caused an airliner to crash?  Was it a missile, human error, terrorist activities, or something else.  Try a super virus of an extremely toxic variety.  Antarctica, South Africa and the USA are the stages for this fabulous thriller!
Black Wasp may be the secret weapon of the outgoing President but his successor may just have as much need of their talents.
I read this as the COVID-19 virus swept over the world – it was like fact meeting fiction head on.  That said this was a roller-coaster to action, spread over a timeframe of only a few days.  All the usual suspects are standing in the wings: China, Russia, South Africa and the USA itself.
It’s been a while since I read an Op Center book but I feel a tad nostalgic and I think I’ll use my self isolation time for a revisit!

Synnr’s Saint (Zulir Warrior Mates #1) by Kate Rudolph

Emily and her fellow Earth abductees have learned to entertain or die.  When they are not being carted off to be experimented on, She and her fellow Earthlings are expected to perform like trained animals for their captors.  Her gymnastic ability has never been a handier talent to have.
Oz may look like her abductors but he is nothing like them on the inside.  His planet is split by morals and outlook rather than what they look like.  The Apsyns are deplorable xenophobes.  Oz and his team are much happier to have a wider pool of people to attempt to find a mate with.
But Oz missteps in his plans to rescue the Earthlings from their captivity when he tries to “buy” his human flier!  Now he’s going to have to work even harder to get her to trust him!
Emily and the others; Lena, Luci, Zac & Joel soon find themselves rescued but are they really any better off?
I loved that Emily was able to use her education as a lawyer on Earth in her new found freedom. Her gymnastics may have saved her butt but it’s her mental talents that are just as much use in her new normal!  Oz makes a bit of a hash of rescuing his potential mate and I love how he has to essentially grovel to get her back.  They abilities they share later are amazing! The little twist of the Earthlings capture was one I did not see coming.

Spellstruck in Salem (Casters and Claws #3) by Milly Taiden

Astra uses her innate magical abilities to make a living as a Reiki Masseuse. The health shop she runs with her twin is doing well but she doesn’t love every client. One old dear makes her skin crawl if she’s honest! But when said old dear tries to kidnap her at gunpoint Astra is a tad flummoxed. Especially when a tall, handsome hero comes to her aid.

Blaze almost missed his chance to rescue Astra. But once he has explained what it happening with the witch hunters of Salem, Astra quite calmly agrees to go with him (She is certainly more trusting that her cousins from books 1 and 2!) Blaze decides to hide her out above his Shifter bar – surely one of the safest places to stash an on the run witch?

I loved Blaze and Astra. Astra could have come across as a Holistic hippy dippy but she is full of common sense and good ideas! Blaze may be the Alpha and the owner of a bar but that doesn’t mean the man lacks ambition – he just put family and pack first. Way less dramarama with this couple which was a nice change if I’m honest.

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