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Mortal Heart by LJ Sealey

IMG_6249Series: Divine Hunter Series Book #4

Release Date: 20th September 2019


When two hearts bleed,
Heaven doesn’t stand a chance.
Is it possible for a heart to break twice?
Lacy had known from finding out what Michael was that
there would be complications, but she never expected they’d be torn
apart in such a cruel way. Unable to stop herself feeling the things she
did, she knew she would pay for falling in love with an angel, but
this. . . If it hurt this much, then how could she go on without him?
He’d feared this would happen.

It was always only a question of when.

Michael’s nightmares had come true and he hadn’t even
had chance to say goodbye. His heart ached like he never thought
possible, but he was powerless to change what had happened. Now he was
trapped in the heavens awaiting a trial that he already knew the outcome
of. Through her journal he’d lived his mother’s pain after his father
had been taken from her. He couldn’t allow that to happen to Lacy.
He had to get out.

He would get out.

Of all that had happened to him this would be his
toughest fight yet, but it would end in one of two ways: Either Michael
would convince the Thrones to let him live with the woman he had lost
his heart and soul to, or he would die by her side.
Either way, he wasn’t prepared to exist without her.
 Mortal Heart is the fourth and final book in the DivineHunter series.
 * This book contains adult situations and is recommended for ages 17+ * 
L.J. Sealey was born and raised in a little Welsh town by the sea. It rains a
lot, so she often has a great excuse to sit at her writing desk and
while away the hours at her laptop.
She still lives in N.Wales and when she’s not travelling around the country
working with her husband – who is a professional singer – or singing
backup vocals herself, she likes to drive around the beautiful Welsh
countryside. Some think it’s because she enjoys the scenery; others
suspect she’s hunting dragons. L.J also likes to read and watch her
favourite TV shows which normally includes plenty of CSI, The Vampire
Diaries and endless amounts of sitcoms. Being addicted to reading about
vampires, demons, shifters and angels, she has always had a thing for
all things paranormal, and is a big sucker for impossible love stories.
So it was inevitable that when she started writing herself she would mix
the two together.
L.J. Sealey is the author of the paranormal romance series Divine
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My Review:

Good grief.  Poor Lacy and Michael have been through the ringer in their short time together.  But is their HEA on the horizon or will the demon forces finally wrench them apart?
Be prepared to have your hopes dashed and reasserted, your tears wrung out and smiles teased, basically your emotions are going to be in overdrive.  Lacy and Michael’s ending was never cut and dried and I love that their HEA is not a foregone conclusion.
I am looking forward with interest to what might be in store for Raz and a certain Glo!!!!  Now having to sit and stiddle my thumbs for the next book!!



The Lost Spear (Lost 0.5) by N.J. Croft

Eve was kidnapped when she was just a student. It has shaped her professionalchoices over the years, making her research based than out in the field. She divorced her husband and now it’s her and children. She won’t let anyone else in. But what’s an academic to do when she is offered unlimited funding to go after her own “white whale”, Genghis Khan’s tomb!

Zach works for MI6 but he’s benn put on leave after his partner was injured in a bomb blast and they think he has fallen prey to one too many “conspircacy theories”. His own tenuous lead links to Eve. He inserts himself into her fieldwork and they are off to Mongolia. Mongolia was the safest place to travel – until this new, unlikely partnership arrived!

This is short but perfectly formed. Sets the scene for what looks like a great series. I loved that there was no wrap up in the book ending, the bog bad is still out there, waiting to strike again! Potential romance, Spies, Undercover Agents and a whole lot more to keep you entertained.

Trust for Sale by Rifi Strawn

Tanya is the unwilling accomplice in Andrei’s plans. He wants to blackmail Charles, an American Billionaire and suck him dry. She just wants to escape Andrei and the life she has been forced into.

Charles is well aware of Tanya’s part in his blackmailers plan but together they are attempting to outwit the mobster. Charles gives Tanya the chance at a new life and she gives him insight to Andrei and the escort/blackmail ring.

Along the way they come up with a cunnign plan to keep Tanya in the country! But life and some shadowy traitors conspire against them!

Great setting in the hot, humid and muggy atmosphere of Louisiana. Well matched to the scorching heat between Charles and Tanya but there is also such a sweet centre to their love story. In many ways Tanya is so childlike and naive, having been starved of kindness for so long. Must admit I had a tear or two shed!

A Witch in Time (Cat’s Paw Cove #1) by Catherine Kean & Wynter Daniels

Luna is one of the magic weilding citizens of Cat’s Paw Cove. Along with her brother Leo, who seems to be the town Romeo, she runs the local bakery. After working at the local founders day festival she finds a bedraggled but still very handsome refugee from a shipwreck. Poor lad must have bumped his head cos he’s now trapped in his reenactment persona!

Colin had been sailing to the Caribbean with his new wife when the storm struck. Now he has awoken in a very strange world. But one where his mad inventions, once mocked by his peers, would not seem out of place. But how can he return to his family? Can he trust this witch? What will actually await him on his return?

Hecate the cat has some very weird talents! Colin solowly realises that the past he left might not be as perfect as the present in which he has found himself! Sweet romance which sprouts from a new friendship. Mysterty robberies and family secrets galore!

At Death’s Door (Deadman’s Cross #3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Valynda is more than a little cursed. A spell went haywire and she ended up trapped in a doll! Now resurrected, thanks in no small part to Thorn, she is ready to face the rest of her demons.

The Malachai are still causing havoc with their attempts at world domination. Val and crew of the Deadmen have made an oath to keep the monster locked away and they will die (again in some cases!) to honour that oath.

Val does waver more than bit. You never know if she wants her true love from one money to the next! I got whiplash moe than once! However, the banter is great between all the characters. As a bit of a history nut, the setting was so atmospheric and really fit the tempo of the story.

The Last Marine by Cara Crescent

The UN have been currupted and now they are exiling “undesirables” off world. After the military of all countries have been stood down in favour of the Un’s Blue Helmets, Griffith Jude Payne is the last US Marine. He can’t stand by and watch as the new Minister wreaks further havoc. He kills him in full view of the world, hoping to get his time in court. But the Minister’s family have other plans.

Prudence hated her husband and now that her odious brother in law has her in his sights, she needs to get off world, fast! When she makes her escape, she finds herself sharing pod-space with the unlikeliest person, Griffin! Griffin sees another side to Pru after their ride is attacked and she goes beyond his expectations for who he sees as a pretty puppet.

Asteria is like the wild west in some ways. Pretty much lawless, settlements bartering goods but one big bonus- no heavy presence of Blue Helmets. Griffin has another reason to get to Asteria, he wants to find his brother. He doesn’t even know if he is alive.

Great layering of PTSD, survivors guilt, sexual assault and they are all handled very delicately. There may be triggers for some readers. Great read, super characters and I’m hoping for more!

Scorpions in Corinth by JM Alvey


I adored the Falco series by Lindsey Davis so this new historical murder mystery was right up my alley!

Philocles is a popular playwright and he and his band of actors are travelling throughout Ancient Greece, pulling together alliances with their dramatic works, sponsored by some wealthy Athenians

Eumelos has been acting as their guide and “fixer” in Corinth but when he drops dead Philocles finds himself amidst a murder mystery, family feuds and political shenanigans.

He doesn’t exactly have an easy time of it, he gets stonewalled more than he is helped. But he does find some help from willing slaves and his ragtag bunch of actors!



Caveman Alien’s Sword (Caveman Aliens #9) by Calista Skye

Juri’ex is a bit of a self-absorbed egotist when we first meet him! Full of grand ideas of becoming chief of his own tribe and the great things he will accomplish. But he gets sent on a babysitting escort duty to Bune with one of the Earth women. Mind you, this gives him access to the secret Dune that the Cavemen never knew about.
Ashlynn is oh-so the opposite of Juri’ex. She had the domineering mother from hell, who wasn’t afraid to use Ashlynn’s dead father as a tool to keep Ashlynn on the path she had chosen for her! She doubts herself at ever corner. She thinks she is a so-so Physics student but let me tell you, she is way more than that!
Juri’ex soon gets the hang of teasing Ashlynn, I loved their banter! Ashlynn is very into joint “worshipping”. Bune still has many secrets to reveal to the tribe. I must say the levels Ashlynn and Juri’ex discovered freaked me out a little!

On The List (Club Undercover #4) by Patricia Rosemoor

Gabe cannot settle on the idea that Muti Hawass was the City Sniper, who was terrorising the populace. Renata has the ame problem, complicated by the fact that she works in the same office as the oaf who made that assumption!

When Renata ends up in trouble, she is put into contact with Club Undercover. She’s not sure what to make of them but looking at her new bodyguard/partner isn’t exactly a hardship!

But there are more people out to get Renata and some of them are a lot closer to home than she thinks!

I really enjoy this series. I love the way that the Club Undercover family have each others back and their “Special Skills” come in useful, especially Cass’ flashes.

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