Charma thinks her mate died 18yrs ago. They used to share a dreamworld and then…nothing, he just disappeared. But when the Outsiders finally track down another of their kind, along with a weirdly intermittent signal, she and Marina set out to liberate them from a mental health facility.


Dr. Jason Randall is a well known cardiac surgeon but has found himself locked up due to a weird incident when he was mugged. Now in a coma, caused by Sebastian’s “sister” who Jason calls Self Loathing, he is trapped and can’t break free. But when Charma enters his mind to help him break free, he thinks its another trick and refuses to believe what is happening to him.

But will Charma still want to help him once she realises just who he is and lets loose 18 yrs of grief, mourning and anger!

This is definitely sci-fi with a punch! There are violent scenes and mess with your mind moments. Jason can be cold and clinical where Charma is so warm and inviting. Something which makes them perfect counterpoints to the other! Its great to have baddies that you can get stuck into hating. There are also some little future plot lines teased into the story, such as Drew’s history, Marina and Charmas further talents and a new ally from Sebastian’s team!

There was a bit of a slow start. The concept of the prophecy and the sending of the children to Veli is gone over again, which slows the pace a bit. The couple also seem to pick the weirdest time to consummate their bond, it totally throws off the pace of the chase! Otherwise I thought this was a great storyline with empathetic characters.