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Mayhem’s King: Operation Mayhem #4 by Lindsay Cross

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 23, 2019


They call him the quiet one.

But they don’t know him.

They only know him as the King of mayhem. The elite of the elite. The man his team relied on to save the unsaveable. Kingston Kenrich could save anyone…except those who he’d loved most. King thought he’d survived the worst, until his own teammate’s betrayal left him blind in one eye. Before, he lived for pain, now he lives for revenge.

Her compassion knew no bounds.

From the moment Laura Dawson’s daredevil brother, John, signed up for the Special Forces, she’d known one day she’d get the call that he’d been killed in action. But she’d never expected to be the one raising his young daughter. After a year as a stand in mother, she got an even bigger shock – John was alive. But he wasn’t the same.

When his old teammate, King, appeared in her house looking for John, Laura kept quiet. But something about the tall, dark stranger tugged at her soul.

King takes one look at Laura and feels his heart beat again. How could his betrayer’s sister evoke anything other than hate?

Fate throws them together into a turbulent world of adventure and pain. Laura fights to remain loyal to her brother while falling for the man who wants to see him dead. King is determined to make her see the twisted man her brother has become, all the while losing his heart to her more each day.

Will Laura and King choose love or loyalty? Or will fate take the decision out of their hands?

This incredibly emotional romance will take you through the highs and lows of new love, the treachery of betrayal and the uncertainty of danger in a heart pounding journey of discovery.




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Lindsay Cross is the USA Today bestselling author of the Men of Mercy series. She is the fun loving mom of two beautiful daughters and one precocious Great Dane. Lindsay is happily married to the man of her dreams – a soldier and veteran. During one of her husband’s deployments from home, writing became her escape and motivation.


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Butterfly Ops: Book 2 (Butterfly Ops Trilogy #2) by Jen Doyle

This book commences where book 1 left off.

Lyndsey and Ian have been apart a long time. he loved his wife and had a family with her. But now that she is gone, he has a 2nd chance at love with Lyndsey. But yet again they are called in to help investigate when local youngsters disappear in a National Park in Canada.

Novel take on super soldiers and vampires! It’s again a well-written story, like book 1. I loved Ian and Lyndsey as a couple but dammit a cliffhanger ending…I hate them!!!

Black List: Black’s Bandits #1 by Lynn Raye Harris

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 23, 2019


Jace Kaiser is a man without a country, without connection. His only loyalty is to the group who saved him and the man who leads them.
Until her…

The assignment should have been easy. Capture a deadly assassin and take her to HQ. But flawed intel leads to disaster, and Jace abducts a beautiful art appraiser instead. Intrigued by her courage, he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. Dr. Madeline Cole stood up to him, fought for her identity, and never backed down. She’s the kind of woman he could fall for if it wasn’t so dangerous—for her.

Then Maddy is targeted for elimination because she’s the sole person who can identify the mysterious female assassin—and the only thing standing between her and certain death is the sexy mercenary who swears he’ll die before he lets anything happen to her. As the passion between them ignites, it seems clear that keeping Maddy safe has become the most important assignment of Jace’s life.

Even then, protecting her might not be enough—because Jace has secrets that could destroy them both. And someone is determined to unmask them all…

The first book in an exciting new series! Black’s Bandits are rogues. Mercenaries. Men and women who will do anything for anyone—for a price. But there’s something deeper at work in their missions, and only their leader knows the truth of what they fight for. Jace Kaiser owes the Bandits everything—and he’s about to be challenged in ways he doesn’t expect!



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Oh hell. Maddy’s thighs clenched tight as a ribbon of desire uncoiled inside her. Her brain told her this was probably a bad idea, but her heart urged her to go for it. To take the leap and see where it led. Her life had been very dull until Jace careened into it little more than a week ago. Since then, her thoughts had been filled with him. With the spark of his blue eyes, the handsome cut of his jaw, the mysterious and dangerous air that surrounded him. He was the embodiment of that boy from high school. The one that mothers told their girls to avoid. The bad boy who smoked cigarettes and thumbed his nose at authority—and academics—while being so appealing and tempting that teenage girls often lost whatever good sense they possessed just for a few exciting weeks as his girlfriend.
There was nothing so tempting as a bad boy. And Maddy wasn’t an innocent schoolgirl anymore. She was a woman who could make decisions for herself. Though this decision was probably going to come with a lot of regret at some point, the ride was too wild and too promising to refuse.
Maddy ran her fingers up his biceps, hooked them around his neck, and stood on tiptoe to deliver a sweet kiss to the corner of his sensual mouth. “I’m ready,” she whispered, her heart pounding recklessly, dizziness swirling in her brain.
His hands on her waist tightened for the briefest of moments. And then he stepped back and took her hand, retreating toward the City Dock and the parking garage. When they finally reached her car, he turned her and backed her against it like he had yesterday. His gaze swept over her face, studying her. Probably for signs of second thoughts.
Maddy leaned up and kissed him again. “It was a long walk, but I haven’t changed my mind. In case you’re wondering.”
“Good.” He kissed her again and her stomach flipped. So good.
When he stopped kissing her, she was dizzy, and she clung to him so she didn’t slide down the side of her car and collapse in a puddle on the pavement.
“I still want you to think about it,” he told her, his voice rough and soft and warm all at once. Like smooth bourbon whiskey on the rocks. She loved bourbon.
“I don’t need to think about it.”
“Go home, Maddy. I’ll talk to you later.”
Disappointment swirled inside her like smoke. “You’re a very confusing man, Jace Kaiser. Is that really your name?”
“It’s my name now.” She must have frowned because he continued. “I wasn’t born with it, but it’s the name I chose for myself. So yes, it’s mine.”
“I don’t understand anything about you.”
“Which is why you’re going to go home and think about this.”


Lynn Raye Harris is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the HOSTILE OPERATIONS TEAM SERIES of military romances as well as 20 books for Harlequin Presents. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award and the National Readers Choice Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome former-military husband, two crazy cats, and one spoiled American Saddlebred horse. Lynn’s books have been called “exceptional and emotional,” “intense,” and “sizzling.” Lynn’s books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide.




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Cover Reveal – His Little Wife Lie by Sloan Storm

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Coverlüv
Release Date: April 26, 2019

That’s what Griff Foster said right after he asked me to be his wife.
Sweet, isn’t he?

Let’s be real: his proposal had nothing to do with romance. Falling in love isn’t in his DNA. With piercing blue eyes and a hard body to match, he goes through women like candy.

But he saved my life.

I promised I’d repay him. I should learn when to keep my mouth shut.
Griff needs a Mrs. Right Now, and he’s convinced I’m the perfect actress.

In case I have any doubts, there are seven badly needed zeroes on a check with my name on it to help make up my mind.


We’re totally fake. Nothing but lies.
Except the way his lips feel on mine.
Except the way his touch sets my body ablaze.
Except the way my soul aches when he looks into my eyes.

He says that without me, he loses everything.
But if I’ve got the upper hand, why does it feel like he’s in control?

There’s only one thing missing from this arrangement.
What happens to my heart when it’s over?



That was it!

What kind of fucking game was he trying to play? I made a complete fool out of myself, then he tried to turn it around on me! No one was going to treat me like this, especially not him.

Once in my room, I raced toward the closet, grabbed my bag, and dragged it out. Fuck this place!

Tiny Me chimed in. No, no! Wait! What are you doing? The money!

“I don’t care about the money!” I yelped, clutching my fingers into fists. “Don’t you understand? I care about him!” Oh shit. No. No.

I sensed a presence in the doorway. “What did you say?”

“Stay away from me.” I spun in place, biting my lip and sputtering hate. “I’m leaving. You can’t stop me.”

He didn’t listen. Of course. I mean, why start now?

Marching right toward me, Griff continued, “You said you cared about me. Don’t try and deny it.”

Yeah, no kidding. You ass. “Of course, I do! Jesus! Do you know how many men I’ve offered my virginity to? Do you? Take a wild guess.”

Griff didn’t respond. What could he say? He already knew the answer.

I poked him in the chest. “Just one. Guess how that went over?”

Griff’s nostrils flared. His eyes narrowed. I was pissing him off. Well. Good! Now he knew how I felt!

“Move,” I snarled, edging past him.

I felt the handle of my suitcase rip free from my hand. By the time I turned to look and see what happened, he’d swept me up me in his arms, racing for the bed.


“Put me down!” I floated in his embrace until he slammed me with a thump, pinning me beneath him. Struggle was useless, but I gave it everything I had, jerking from side-to-side until the instant his lips found mine.

Oh fuck. No! Yes. Yes. Yeeessss…

The passion from his kiss ripped through my body like wildfire, reigniting the embers he left smoldering inside of me with his refusal. Griff’s pelvis pressed into me, the impossible hardness between his legs threatened to reawaken my lust into an inferno until my wits returned.

“Stop!” I gasped, breaking my mouth free. My palms went flat, shoving against his torso. “Get off of me!”

His gaze gave me the answer. Never. Griff ignored my pleas and gripped harder, making me feel he’d crush me into dust if I uttered another word. Reaching up, I clawed and scratched, digging my nails into the steel of his thick chest. But my rage only stoked him, and he groaned, his mouth invading mine again, filling it with his tongue. My resistance turned to vapor, whisps of hate floating away from me while Griff took what he wanted.

At last, he pulled away. I looked at him, my vision glassy from the struggle, each of us fighting for a breath.

“We can’t.” I exhaled. “It’s a mistake.”

Wait. That wasn’t no. Was it?

He licked his lips and sank his pelvis deeper, driving it hard between my legs. I stifled a whimper.

“You’re right,” he hummed, reaching for one of my tits, cupping it in his grasp. Uhhh. My eyes rolled back in my head, his touch had me on the verge of blackout.

“It’s the biggest mistake of all,” he warned. “No turning back. No way out.”

No way out. His words reached into my soul, giving me the answer my brain couldn’t. I don’t want one. Don’t give me one. If you do, I might take it.

Wordless, Griff moved over me, a shadow threatening the last shreds of my chastity. With my legs spread and my innocence at risk, I inched my mouth toward his lips when he whispered his final threat.

“At last.”


Sloan Storm pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them. As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story.

The writer’s creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place… the polarizing difference between the sexes.

After all, what else is there in life?

When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways.



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Pirate’s Pleasure (Sentinels of Savannah #3) by Lisa Kessler

Our third outing with the Sea Dog Crew!

John was the money man of the crew, the one who made sure each crewmember got his fair share of the booty. Not much has changed then, now he’s a financial adventurer in the stock markets! He can’t believe someone has such a line on investments as Harmony. He thinks she could be the one to take over his firm when he has to “die”. But Harmony is keeping secrets and they may come back to bite her!

Harmony is done with being poor. Sure, she takes risks but they always pan out. But her 2nd job, as a digital, and occasionally real life, thief is quickly becoming her main focus. But can she really resist the lure of Pandoras box? It could be a huge payday for the digi robins but it could also wreak havoc on the world.

John may come across as cool, calm and collected but still waters run deep! Harmony seems to enjoy the thrill of the steal, she doesn’t actually want the money for herself. Fast paced, intriguing storyline and great characters.

Dark of Night by Emily Goodwin

DON release blitz bannerDark of Night, a sexy and exciting paranormal romance in the Thorne Hill series by New York Times bestselling author Emily Goodwin is live!

DON book2

Everything has a cost.

I never thought the cost of falling in love could be my life. But when the Vampire Council gets reports of increased magical activity in the surrounding areas, they give the order for vampires to kill any witches they come across. I trust Lucas to never hurt me, but he’s not the only vampire in my life, and let’s just say the others aren’t my biggest fans.

While I’m busy trying not to become vampire chow, something dark and powerful is surrounding Thorne Hill, infecting everything—and everyone—that gets in its path. If the darkness gets to the Ley line, then the whole town is doomed.

I won’t go down without a fight, but how can I fight something I can’t even see?

Book two in the Thorne Hill series

(2 book series)


Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


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About Emily:

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.


Connect with Emily:






social butterfly


Shawland Security (Book 1) by K.M. Lowe

Shawland Security thumbnail_Promo Image

Editor – Karen Sanders ​
Designer – Pink Elephant Design
Genre – Romantic Suspense​
Shawland Security – Book 1 of Shawland Security Series

Shawland Security was a fresh start for Caleb Shawland

Caleb thought that leaving his detective status behind would let him sleep easy at night. He’d be his own boss. He’d finally be able to settle down and have a life. Only, that doesn’t last long.

When Caleb’s ex-partner from the CPD walks into his office and mentions Aria Marshall, his world turns upside down in a heartbeat.

Aria Marshall was his one true love.

Aria Marshall has spent all of her adult life helping people less fortunate in third world countries. Her return home to Chicago was supposed to be the next chapter of her life, only she didn’t expect a predator to be waiting in the wings. She didn’t expect the next ten years of her life to vanish. Only it did, and now she needs to find a way to deal with the abuse and violence she faced.

The moment Caleb stumbles back into Aria’s life, he knows for sure he’ll do anything to protect her. No matter what that may be.

Will Caleb capture her predator before any more innocent girls find themselves in Aria’s position.

Will Aria ever be able to get over her ordeal?

Only time and patience will tell.

Contact The Author


My Review:

Calebs has reached breaking point with his career with CPD. He begins a new security venture with his brothers, Shawland Security. Finally, they can take on the cases they want and help who they want to.

Aria made the fateful decision to come home unannounced to surprise her family and ended up in the hands of a psychopath and serial rapist and killer. but when he slips up and she makes her escape, she wants no-one but Caleb. He was there for her when they were kids and she knows he’ll look after her and make her feel safe.

Caleb let Aria slip away years ago before he could tell her how he felt about her. But can he remove his love for Aria and treat her just as a client? Will their past cloud their future? Will Aria be able to move past the treatment she has endured for the last year?

HMOG Ms Lowe can right psychopathic serial killers! She delves into their twisted psyches and you get to see their evil little minds tick! Caleb is the perfect mix of caring and Alpha. His brothers are going to be amazing when they get around to their own books. Clay is like the impulsive, fun party starter and Chris is the buff, fitness freak but also the deep thinker. But of all the characters, Aria is MY hero in this book. She overcomes so much with dignity, poise and yes a good dollop stubbornness. She refuses to let her past dictate her future.

Please keep the tissues handy and possibly something you can punch without hurting yourself – you will need both cause emotions will run high during your read!




Caveman Alien’s Claim (Caveman Aliens Book 7) by Calista Skye

Tamara is one of the “dragon girls” rescued by Caroline and the “lab coat girls”. She had been a Zoology student, just a few credits short of graduating. Well, now she has more than enough new types of animal to categorise and name!

She becomes fascinated by a wounded warrior who comes to the new camp. There is just something attractive about him. But when he comes to her aid she isn’t sure if he is a knight in shining loincloth or a really convincing liar.

Xren’s creatures never seem to tire of trying t kill off our intrepid Terrans! Car’rakz manages to save her this time. But he does set an iffy tone over his rescue. well, he did tie her up and not in a fun way! His tribe leaves a lot to be desired! Think bling loving cavemen. Sadly they are struck with gold-fever and the tribe is suffering. But can Tamara and Car break through their gold obsessed minds and get them to face the truth about the Dragon?

Car is a total renaissance man. Sure he may not have killed tons f Irox before but he can build, hunt, engineer and survive in the Xren wilderness. No mean feats! Tamara uses her Zoology studies in some unique ways! I loved that she saw Car for the amazing man he is and not just as the low man on the totem pole that his tribe would like to paint him as.

The Demon Prince’s Dragon Queen (PPA #12) by Mina Carter

Baby may be eons old but she only really matured recently. As such she has a wealth of “mental” experience in the world but no physical! That’s about to get fixed pronto, if the other girls from the PPA have anything to do with it. Pity that the male dominating her thoughts and dreams is the one she can’t have. Demons and Dragons do not mix!

Rat is a half demon/half pixie hybrid. Two of the most unstable and violent species. But somehow Rat has turned out a pretty decent guy when all is said and done! He wants Baby but thinks she is just so out of his league. But when the possessive b^&*^$d that lives inside him is awoken, he will not rest until Baby is his!

Rat’s dad is a grade one douche! He really needs an asskicking! Mind you, poor Baby’s clan of Dragons want her to mate with one of their own, but they don’t actually have any unmated dragons!

Brilliant read

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