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Find Me (Corrupted Hearts #3) by Tiffany Snow

China Mack is brilliant behind a keyboard but people? She is kind of awkward with them. She wears her geek like a badge of courage, especially with her t-shirts! But being awkward doesn't stop her from being in a love... Continue Reading →


The Chameleon (Elite Crimes Unit #3) by Michele Hauf

Jack Angelo is steeped in his family's dodgy dealings. He went to prison to save his father from doing time. But now he has been given the offer of working off his "debt to society" by working for the ECU.... Continue Reading →

Illuminated (The Djinn Wars #8) by Christine Pope

Sarah is still reeling from The Heat which has decimated in little town. She is trying to survive the best she can but she is feeling the intense loneliness. Unaware that she is being watched by a Djinn, one who... Continue Reading →

The Desires of a Duke historical romance collection

Eigh t historical romances featuring roguish dukes willing to risk it all to get the lady their heart desires. Out Dec 12th– The Desires of a Duke: Historical Romance Collection Follow the blast and enter to #win a $25 Amazon... Continue Reading →

Curses and Cupcakes (Happily Everlasting #6) by Michelle M. Pillow

Marcie is doomed to romantic failure. Ever since high school she has lurched from one bad relationship to another, always losing herself to whatever her paramours image of an "ideal woman" was. After her last break up she just wants... Continue Reading →

Mine to Save (Rescue Ops #3) by Diana Gardin

At last a heroine who is not a cookie cutter character. Sayward is a highly functioning Autistic female. Whilst human interaction may be outwith her wheelhouse, put her in front of a computer and she will blind you with data.... Continue Reading →

Promise To Defend (Rescue Ops #2) by Diana Gardin

Ronin, aka Swagger, is the best when it comes to interrogation. he is still running from his painful past - one where he couldn't save his wife from a tragic end. He cruises through life, not investing in any relationships... Continue Reading →

Sworn to Protect (Rescue Ops #1) by Diana Gardin

Rayne and Jeremy had a very real, very strong love right from the start. But misconceptions, communication hiccups and assumptions led them far from each other. Rayne is right back where she swore she's never return! After leaving Jeremy she... Continue Reading →

Mine to Save by Diana Gardin

Mine To Save by Diana Gardin Facebook Group: Purchase ↓ Amazon US: Amazon UK: IBooks: Kobo: Gplay: B&N: Synopsis ↓ The next sexy and suspenseful standalone in the Rescue Ops series. This time, he'll... Continue Reading →

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