Leah was a contradiction in terms during school, half nerd and half bad girl! She left her small town as soon as she could and vowed never to return but when her 10yr reunion comes around she heads home to show them just what a success she has made of herself. The chance to see Drew Jackson is also an almighty pull, she has been in love with him as long as she can remember!


Drew is now sheriff and about to leave town for pastures new when Leah blows back into town.
He left her once for his career and it seems she has held a grudge! But when she gets involved in a jewel heist (through no fault of her own I might add!!!) Drew may be the only person willing to help her.

This story is a great link in with B Squad. Isaac is Leah’s brother and he gets called in to help with Leah’s case. Drew really suffers from one step forward and two steps back cos he puts his foot in his mouth just as he makes headway with Leah.

Family dysfunction agogo here. Drew realises just what a harridan his mother was and his own part in allowing her to rule his life and relationship with Leah. There are enough twists to keep you interested and well lets just say the passion is off the Richter scale!!