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Relentless River (Men of Mercy #10) by Lindsay Cross

Oh my!!! Bo may just have his hands full with this firecracker! Bo likes order and discipline. He likes to be charge in the bedroom. Cheri is hot tempered, loudmouthed, mouths off before she thinks and refuses to take orders... Continue Reading →

Falling Dark (The Watchers #1)by Christine Pope

What a superb new series from Christine Pope!! Great new take on Vampires and Gargoyles and all things that go bump in the night!!! Serena has had a lot to put up with in her short life. A disinterested family... Continue Reading →

****Cover Reveal for a new world by AK Michaels*****

A Wolf’s Hunger: Rafe (Part of the A Wolf’s Hunger Series by #AKMichaels) Synopsis: When the Hunger strikes, Rafe Blackstone has no control over it or his beast. Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack he can no longer deny there’s something... Continue Reading →

The Black Rose Chronicles: Book 1 Deceit and Lies by AK Michaels

The Black Rose Chronicles: Book 1 Deceit and Lies   Amazon: iBooks: Kobo: B&N: Google Play: Goodreads:   My Review: Brilliantly different read by AK Michaels. Set in a dystopian future rather than a... Continue Reading →

Dragon’s Love (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #3) by Miranda Martin & Juno Wells

I would definitely read this series in order, makes things much easier to grasp! After their ship crashed on THE most inhospitable planet in the universe our intrepid human explorers are finally settling in with their new neighbours. With her... Continue Reading →

Tyral: Mated to the Alien by Kate Rudolph

Tyral is facing his impending death with much aplomb! He is returning home to be with hid family and settle his affairs. But when he is kidnapped by space pirates, he finds he now has something to live for...a spunky... Continue Reading →

Omega Unmasked by Amber Ella Monroe

How can you not a love a good old fashioned opposites attract!! Natasha is human and so very done with men!! Her last relationship just imploded and she is relying on her new job to get her out of the... Continue Reading →

A Mate’s Healing Touch (Valentine’s Day Novellas #3) by Cara Wylde

Annnnnnnd we're back on form in the Alma Venus world. I wasn't so happy with Kevin and Ashley's story but the chemistry between these two sizzles!!! Caleb and Rosanna are both heartbroken at the loss of Val, Caleb's partner and... Continue Reading →

The Wolf’s Unexpected Mate (Valentine’s Day Novellas #2)

A Valentine themed little nugget from the extended world of Alma Venus! Ashley is depressed as she is alone and it's almost the dreaded V Day! She decides to holiday in Germany and meets up with a bunch of other... Continue Reading →

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