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A Walk on the Dead Side by Lucy Quinn

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New Moon (Moon #8) by Lisa Kessler

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Cover Fire (Valiant Knox #3) by Jess Anastasi

Agent Jenna Maxwell has a new undercover assignment and needs a ride down to Ilari. Enter Sub-Lt. Seb Raynes. Seb is still in a funk after realising he had been friends with a traitor. But when he's given babysitting duty... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Alien Prince: Celestial Mates (The Alva) by Miranda Martin

Celestial Mates is back in action and creating more love "across time and space." On Alva,Drevakin is feeling a tad jealous of the match made by his friend Elorshin to Margot and decides to request his own mate. But unbeknownst... Continue Reading →

Avren by Lisa Lace

Avren is the nerd brother but he is still a hottie!!!! He has come across information that may mean they can develop a way for the deployment of the Auxem's wings to be non painful. But to do this right... Continue Reading →

Heartsridge Shifters: Brent (South-One Bears #3) by Olivia Arran

Brent has a lot of problems with his inner bear. He always seems to be at odds with it, it always seems to be on the rampage about something! He is now faced with his long lost brother being leader... Continue Reading →

Alpha’s Sacrifice (Fallen Alphas #3) by Rebecca Royce

A Seer with memory problems and an Alpha with problems with the True Believers! Hayden Chaucer runs a winery in Napa and acts as Alpha to his splinter pack of wolves. His brother may be Pack Alpha but he much... Continue Reading →

Jungle Inferno (Phoenix Agency #1) by Desiree Holt

What an intriguing new series!!! Faith and Mark have been friends since they were children. They have been able to "talk" telepathically since they were teenagers. They each realised that they were more than friends but neither wanted to lose... Continue Reading →

The Right Ranger (Men of At Ease Ranch #3) by Donna Michaels

Haley lost her husband whilst they were under a cloud. Her ranch is now in trouble and the ever helpful Cord drops in to help out when he can. Pity Haley is now fighting a rampaging cast of lustful thoughts... Continue Reading →

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