Axel isn’t just the Alpha of the pack, he’s an ER doctor too. He is one tired shifter, he just wants his bed for a well earned rest. But before he manages to get there, his Beta calls on him for a life or death emergency. Witch-hunters are alive and well in Salem and they are after the Bishop family. Scattering what resources they have to protect the witches, Axel goes after Cerise.

Cerise is an absolute cynic. She was badly treated by the on eperson who should have been her staunchest supporter. So forgive her for not falling for the line thrown out by Axel. He’s here to protect her, with a line almost from an Arnie movie -puhlease! But before she can rip into him bullets start flying and Cerise realises that there are people out to get her.

Axel is trying to deposit her safely on pack lands but this female is an absolute danger to herself. She won’t listen to rules, she just wants her sister and cousins and to hell with the consequences. Axel and his wolf may think she is their mate, but she has no intention of going meekly along with his plans!

Fun, frantic and passionate! These witchy relatives are not going to go down the path of love easily.