Allon and Chelle are in the midst of a “friendly” Bounty Hunter rivalry. They are at the top of their game on their relative coasts and are happy to indulge in a little gag gift exchange when they out-do each other. But Chelle is about to play dirty, or so Allon thinks, when they go after a snake shifter who’s abilities seem to be multiplying at an abnormal rate.

Their bosses are tired of them trying to out-do each other, now they’ve been made partners. Add in a certain sneaky old-timer bounty hunter (with a name that’ll crack you up!) who’s not adverse to put these young whippersnappers in their place and it’s a fun, enjoyable and entertaining read with flash fire passion. Chelle takes no prisoners and I loved her! Allon’s ego certainly isn’t hurting and I loved the way he just embraced Celle as a rival, not as his female rival.