Logan may have well and truly earned the reputation of a playboy but ever since he met Grace, he’s been a one woman man – even if she won’t give him the time of day as more than a friend!
Logan could use that flirty, sexy smile to take over the world in Grace’s opinion!  Grace is extremely gun-shy after the horrific experience with her ex.  Not happy with cheating in her, he then dumped the girlfriend and married and impregnated ANOTHER woman!  Grace refuses to be taken in by what she sees as another playboy in Logan.  But if she just looked deeper she’d see that Logan can focus and attain what he sets his mind on.  He wants her and he’s not above using his family to get her!
Great suspenseful story, you’re never quite sure who is after, is it Grace who is the target or Logan?  Is it the Ex, the failed business partner or an unknown enemy? Totally loved the way Logan gets Grace to capitulate to being his “fake” girlfriend to appease his mother!  He’s totally got another plan to reel her in to being his girlfriend – he just won’t tell her LOL