A secret gathering that’s no longer secret and a madman that wants them dead! ……… who will survive?

My Review:

With a ball organised to introduce some of those vampires lucky enough to find their Bloodmates, the need for a diplomatic touch is never more needed. But not all of out happy mates are quite so happy. Kimber is feeling the separation from her and Victor’s little one deeply. And Victor, well he does too but he seems to be callously sweeping away Kimber’s misgivings about the ball, attributing them to feeling sad about leaving the wee one behind.

As we get swept up in the preparations for the Ball, Victor, Quinn, Flint, Grey and their mates are eager to cement new alliances with other mated couples.

But Tempers aren’t the only things fraying! When the ring of steel security is breached, Victor takes it personally, after all he was warned, several times, by Kimber.

Great addition to the series and I loved meeting all my favourite couples once more, even some who I have only seen mention of prior. Fabby!

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