The intrepid trio are back and now it’s Liddy’s chance at love.

Liddy is a tad clingy and each boyfriend becomes “The One”. After her last break up the girls head off somewhere different for their girls only vacation. But things go from bad to worse when not only does Liddy injure herself on day one, she does it right in front of Mr Arrogant!

Liddy has vowed No More Men but Luke, said ski instructor, seems to have made nursing her back to health his mission. With the added bonus of maybe accelerating her heating in his bed!

But is Luke all that he appears or will he be another man willing to say anything to get into Liddy’s bed and her heart and then crush her dreams?

Great end to the series. Luke and Liddy are anything but cold. Your kindle may just seize up with the heat these two generate. Liddy is caring and self effacing, never thinking that she is “good enough” for love. Luke on the other hand has a tough and arrogant façade that actually hides a heart of gold that has been taken advantage of a time or two.