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September 2018

Double Cover Reveal! Joel and Jasper by KM Lowe

Joel and Jasper Double cover reveal
The wait is nearly over. Book 4 and book 4.5 of The Guardian Shifters is coming very soon.
These books will be available on kindle unlimited.
Author – KM Lowe
Editor – Karen Sanders
Designer – Kellie Dennis @Book Cover by Design
Joel E-Book Cover
Joel – Alive And Kicking ( Book 4 of The Guardian Shifters)
Joel has always led a simple life in the Highlands. Since he was rescued as a toddler, he lived with his guardians in a pack he now knows as home. He’s loved, cared for, and a part of the family. He never thought his life would change again. Well, that was until he entered Canada. When he comes face to face with a witch who was rescued from evil rogues, he doesn’t understand his thoughts and feelings for her. Even more so when he realises the witch was the one who could have killed his guardian, Jasper.

Joel sets out hiding his feelings, biting at everyone, making life miserable for himself and the pack. It isn’t until the threat of the council sets in, the thought of losing Darcy, and never seeing her again makes him see that his life needs to change.

Soulmates will overcome anything, but that’s only the case if you want a mate.

Author Note – Although this is a series I do believe that the books can be read in a standalone fashion. However, to get the full effect of the story you would need to start from Lisa (book 1).




Jasper 2.1 E-Book Cover

Jasper – Taking Control (Book 4.5 of The Guardian Shifters)
Over the years, Jasper has always been the pack Guardian. He’s saved many of his own kind, adopted his son, and taken on more responsibility than most. Now, one last time, he has to step up further and take control.

When the pack comes under threat from the council, Jasper has to make a quick decision. A decision could kill him. A decision that tests his relationships with his soulmate, pack members, and other council members.

Can Jasper remain undefeated. save his pack, and protect the future of his own kind?

Only time will tell if Jasper can stand strong and gain control, or lose everything he’s built up.

Books 1-3 of The Guardian Shifters Available now!



Dragon Warrior by KD Jones

Dragon Warrior


DRAKE (Dragon Warrior book 3) by KD Jones

*only for #99cents*

Drake, second-in-command to the dragon shifter king of the West, has been tasked to investigate rumors that their enemy is hiding in the Philippines. As always, he will serve his people. Though he expects danger, battles, and other surprises, he isn’t prepared for the toughest challenge of his life: a flame-haired female who makes his dragon roar with need.
Emily Campbell loves teaching underprivileged children on a small island in the most beautiful place she had ever seen. Her three-year teaching contract is almost up. She wants one last adventure before she has to head back to the United States. Her wish comes true in the form of a tall, dark, and sexy stranger. One night in his arms leads to more than she expects:
A world of danger, sexy dragon shifters and a love that will either set them free
or be their doom.

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First Look at QUICK FALL by Michelle Dayton!

QF_FirstLookHere’s your FIRST LOOK at QUICK FALL by Michelle Dayton! Join us as we get our first peek at this spicy, yet sweet opposites attract romance. Check out the excerpt and enter to win a gift card and advanced reader copies!


Find out what happens in QUICK FALL by Michelle Dayton, when sparks fly between Justin Tracy, the eternal ladies man, and his new tenant, Maddy Trainor, a feisty single mom.  It was supposed to be uncomplicated fun and sexy times … it wasn’t supposed to be love. Fans of Christina Lauren and NO MORE MR. NICE GUY by Amy Andrews will love this spicy and sweet opposites attract romance.


Title: Quick Fall

Author: Michelle Dayton

Published: October 8, 2018

Publisher: Self-published

Series: Tracy Brothers #2

Genres: Contemporary Romance




Justin Tracy, the perennial life of the party, is used to being teased by his friends about his success with the ladies.  Not that he’ll ever get serious with one.  Why should he?  His life is absolutely perfect the way it is. But at his brother’s bachelor party, a drunken bet about his womanizing skill gets a little out of control. Before he knows it, his friends have invited his new tenant – a woman he’s never even met – to go to his brother’s wedding with him.


Single mom Maddy Trainor has just moved back to Chicago, ready to reclaim her life and conquer the city.  Maddy’s determined to get her new business off the ground and build a happy home for her son, Teddy.   She didn’t expect a gorgeous landlord, but ogling Justin Tracy is definitely a bonus to her new apartment.


Justin intends to apologize to Maddy for the out-of-the-blue wedding invitation and get gone, but his new neighbor turns out to be funny, whip-smart, and sexy as hell.  Why not take her to the wedding for real?  Just as friends, of course.  To Maddy, the wedding – one night of champagne and dancing with a self-admitted Peter Pan – sounds like amazing no-strings fun.  But the sparks that blaze between the two of them can’t be contained to one night.  And two people who think they have life figured out are about to realize they know nothing about love …


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Quick Ride Excerpt

Copyright © 2018 Michelle Dayton

Justin caught Maddy in his arms just as she turned to head back to their table. “Not so fast,” he said. “May I have this dance?”

Her cheeks were flushed from the exercise, and her eyes glowed like candles again. “Absolutely.”

He pulled her close. So close he could smell the shampoo she’d used on her hair. She moved her hands up and down his biceps before settling them lightly on his shoulders. He gripped her hips, loving how they swayed back and forth beneath his touch.

Everything felt so good that half the song passed before he spoke again. “You looked great out here,” he murmured into her hair.

She tipped her head back. “I told you I love to dance.”

He moved his hands from her hips to her lower back so that she was pressed even tighter against him. Then he whispered in her ear, “You did not tell me, however, how sexy you look while doing it.” Bizarrely, on their own, his lips traveled down and pressed a kiss to the skin beneath her earlobe.

What the hell was he doing? He was never into PDA. Occasionally, he’d put his arm around a woman or give her a teasing kiss on the cheek—the kind that came with a smacking sound effect. He didn’t even usually hold hands.

But here he was, in public, with his mouth on Maddy’s skin. And it wasn’t a dry peck either. His lips wanted to explore. His tongue was dying to taste her. Briefly, he let it.

She shivered against him, moved her own hands higher so they were locked around his neck. “Some things you just have to find out for yourself.”

The words were a throaty chuckle, said with the cadence of a confident woman. He went hard as a rock.

Pressed so tightly against him, she could hardly fail to notice. Would she pull away, deflect, pretend they weren’t rubbing against each other as much as physically possible in public?

She didn’t. In fact, she did something between a whisper and a moan, stood on her toes, and kissed his throat.

Jesus. “When this song ends, you’re going to have to shield me as we walk back to our table.” His voice was a desperate laugh. “You’ve put me in a … complicated position.”

She squirmed against him, making it worse. “Really?” she said innocently, arching an eyebrow. “This position seems fairly simple to me.” She laughed, low in her throat. “I’m guessing you know positions that are a lot more complicated.”


Meet Justin’s older brother, Garrett Tracy!

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10 will win copies!!!

About Michelle Dayton:

There are only three things Michelle Dayton loves more than sexy and suspenseful novels: her family, the city of Chicago, and Mr. Darcy. Michelle dreams of a year of world travel – as long as the trip would include weeks and weeks of beach time. As a bourbon lover and unabashed wine snob, Michelle thinks heaven is discussing a good book over an adult beverage

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Zane: The Reckoning (Flames of Vampire Passion Book 4) by Elaine Barris

London and Zane are back in trouble.

London and her mother (I would have killed that woman by now!!!) have been kidnapped. Zane is out of everlasting mind trying to hunt for her whilst also trying to destroy the army that is amassing!

Louise (the mother from hell) shows some new facets to her character but I really never warmed to her due to her treatment of London and nothing has changed! Zane is still hot as hell and over the years with London, still feels the fiery need to love and protect her.

I would definitely read these in order!

Ice (Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides #4) by Michelle M. Pillow

Sintazian is just miles and miles of ice, ice baby!

So Izotz and his brothers are going to have to travel a fair distance to find some brides, or even just the prospect of a bride. But GAMB strikes again and the boys find themselves stranded on Earth with armed agents after their overheating, blue but very cute asses!

The desert of Utah is not where Ice, as he has been renamed by GAMB, expected to find himself. They also find out pretty sharp that the Earthlings may not even be aware that they were coming, especially when Ice finds himself accosted by a female and detained in a secret facility!

Elle Sharp grew up and after a previous boyfriend got her false documentation, she is working for a secret organisation under an assumed name. She never expected to feel remorse at locking up the handsome alien guy. I mean sure he was blue but he seemed nice enough before she tased his ass! But now that she has broken him out, he needs her help to navigate Earth and find his brothers. She just never expected to fall him!

Lust turns to love and passion and adventure awaits! I love this series and I was happy that the previous heat loving brothers got a little mention. Gimme more!

Hunting Danger (Redemption Harbor #5) by Katie Reus

Gage and the enigmatic Nova have their fun in the sun!

Gage feels a bit of a perv for lusting after Nova. She is his employee (kinda) but it’s a bit to close to home. Similarly, Nova lusts after Gage but she has a lot of secrets in her cupboard which she doesn’t want to expose to anyone, let alone Gage.

But when her best friend sends her a coded message for help, she wheedles the business jet and flies off to the rescue. Except she did not make the clean getaway she thought she had. Gage is on board and determined to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Nova.

Cue a plane crash, possessive (of the creepy kind) fiancé and a few narrow escapes and this is a rollercoaster ride!

I love the way this team will do anything for each other, whether it’s fight merciless revolutionaries, bomb setting maniacs or just loaning out a multi-million dollar jet at the drop of a hat! Nova may have been CIA but she is still not quite the superspook. there are many layers to Nova and I loved learning about all of them. Similarly, Gage is protective and demanding without being sleazy or misogynistic.

I’m hoping there are many more to come in this series!

Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (Rocky Mountain Cowboys #1) by Katie Ruggle

Camille is a bit of a wallflower. She is ill at ease in social situations but she creates stunning works of art. She has had a bit of a crush on one of the local quartet of brothers, Steve, since high school. But he was the star of the school and she was so out of his league.

Steve has returned to the family farm after the death of his wife. Along with his 4 children they are making a go of the Christmas Tree farm, whilst also working for the local fire department. His kids all excel in one way or another but they also all have their own little troubles. Micah, like Camille, suffers from anxiety and I really loved the way they could bond over art.

I know it’s a bit early but this totally out me in the Christmas mood. I love a great feel-good book and this ticks all the boxes; great leads, cheeky and charming kids, appropriate weather and a strong plot.

The kids will totally steal every scene they are in. Will is the happy chappy, Micah is the quiet thinker, Zoe is the mad inventor and Maya is just the adorable little one! Zoe may be my favourite of the kids just because she is so….intensely dependable to be unpredictable LOL.

Loved the overall tone of the book and the way that it illustrates that you don’t have to be the life of the party to be worthy of love. The sub plot involving the brothers was really good and gave great impetus to the love story.

Hidden (Deep Ops #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

Malcolm is the uber undercover cop. But he has burned himself out and after some soul searching decides to buy a house. But when he moves in next door to Pippa, he finds a female scared of her own shadow and with a very big secret. Pity he also finds her delectable!

West is also approached by an FBI agent with a job offer, one which he intrigued by until he realises that the job includes investigating Pippa. That perfect house listing was made just to entice him it seems! He has a gut feeling that Pippa isn’t involved but there are some things he has to uncover to make him 100%.

Poor Pippa! She managed to distances herself from her crazy past and a mother…well lest said soonest found out on that little matter! I loved how she tried to extend her rather hermit like existence but also traps herself within her own house, she is a bit of an enigma! She feels strangely at ease with the huge male next door, even when she does find out what he used to do for a living.

The fast paced storyline sucked me into the world really quickly and I enjoyed meeting the characters. Would I have enjoyed more will-they-won’t-they between Pippa and Malcolm? Sure I would but I still enjoyed the story and learning all about Pippa’s childhood. Looking to enjoy more from this series soon!

Bells, Spells, and Murders (Witch City Mystery #7) by Carol J. Perry

I haven’t actually read any of the other books in this series but I felt right at home and managed to find my way amongst the various previous plot lines.

Lee is settling into her new job at WICH-TV. She is finally going to get hard hitting stories in amongst the fluff. First up is a piece on the immense charity works undertaken by the elderly Mr Eldridge. But less is dropped into hot water big time when she finds him dead!

Her boyfriend may be the lead detective on the case but he is professional to the core and treats her like any other witness, which Lee both commends and condemns, especially when she can’t get her unique input to her viewers.

Salem itself is a great background character in the book. Aunt Ibby is a hoot and Pete, well he’s all smouldering charm. I likes this book a lot and the weaving lot laid lots of red herrings!



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