Aria and Trevan are well aware that they are mates in this story. Unfortunately, with the tragic history between her clan and his former pack, neither of them feel capable of actually cementing their mating.

But when Aria is named and shamed as part of the blood slavery ring that a former clan member was running, Trevan has to sideline his revenge plot to keep her safe. But when all is said and done can he really seek revenge on the one women who would make him whole??

Aria is very much large and in charge! Trevan is Alpha to the core, even setting aside his own happiness in what he sees as justifiable revenge for the deaths within his pack. With Roen and Alain along for the ride (both of whom are comedians in their own way and defo need their own books!). Roen and his conversations with Siri are downright hilarious and I was snorting continually!