What happens when you mash two brilliant series together???? Double the fun!!!

Emma has terrible taste in men and a bit of a self esteem problem. Her roomie found love and is moving away and she is feeling a tad sorry for herself. When Jenn leaves a calling card for Gerri Wilder, Emma tries to get rid of it, saying she is NOT that desperate. But that dang card has a way of boomeranging back!

Zane is ruing the day he didn’t fight back against the takeover of his father’s pack, Duskmoon. Now in the hands (claws) of an elitist, deranged, Sheriff Ryland Breakwater, the pack is in urgent need of a new Alpha. Zane doesn’t believe the back would follow a half human Alpha and keeps under the radar. But when he comes to the rescue of a little human female, he develops an unhealthy hunger, that leads him to the brink of expulsion from his pack. He has always been a magnet for trouble but this is unlike anything he has faced before.

Emma and Zane both face their own demons and help the other conquer theirs. Emma just needs some love and Zane needs someone to believe in him. Great stuff.