My fave cyborgs are back!

Carter may be the boss at Cy-Ops an Aym-Sec but he still has needs. He is rocked when he meets the “twin” of his ex-college girlfriend. Its been almost 15 years and he still wonders what happened to Liza.

Beth’s run in with Carter shook her. Her ID is forged and she is not who she claims to be. She is trying to make a life for her after her “parents” wash their hands of her. She is supposed to have an interview at Carter’s firm but her interview is cancelled when her ID is flagged. But Carter and the crew take a leap of faith and she is soon working with them, and gaining their trust whilst solidifying her skills.

Her tenuous relationship with Carter is flourishing but there is still danger ahead and a political summit may just be the ignition to a major incident.

Beths past is so mysterious and Carter just sees her, not her past! Great read and so happy with the ending! The Lamis ODG is finally dealt with…even if it may only be temporarily. Great plot and truly loved getting little glimpses of the other cyborgs and their other halves.

Releases 9th January!!