Take one cheeky Wolf willing to do anything, even give herself as payment to help her best friend find a mate, and never expected the bill owed to be collected. Until it is.
Add in the most infamous Matchmaker in the Universe, Gerri Wilder.

Stir in said Love Guru’s nephew to help in her devious plan, a hot-as-Hades Lion, who needs a mate more than he needs a chocolate chip cookie.

Let the above bake until hot and steamy and add a dash of evil bad guy.

Now, that’s a recipe for love everyone can get behind.

Part of Milly Taiden’s Paranormal Dating Agency Kindleworld and Book 2 in A K Michaels’ Silver Streak Pack, a steamy Shifter series filled with thrills and passion and sure to keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night.

My review:

When Connie asked Gerri Wilder for help for her bestie, she offered to do anything for her. But she forgot all about that promise until Gerri came a calling!

Connie may have lived with the pack all her life but she always felt…separate from them somehow. She even turned off the pack link as it got to her too much. She has finally been given permission to live alone in town and she is ready for the new challenge.

Rocky is a lion with a talent for baking. He owns the best bakery in town, Heavenly Scents. When one of his staff is called away unexpectedly and he then gets a large order in, he wonders how he’ll fulfil the order. But when a local Alpha volunteers Connie as a replacement, Rocky doesn’t know if she’ll be a nightmare or a dream come true. But when he meets Connie he realises that as a wolf pack means everything to them and then does all he can to thwart the mating pull he feels, because he can’t separate her from her pack to live with him in isolation from them and he can’t be part of a pack again.

But as we know fate, destiny and definitely not Gerri can be out run or denied!!!

These two are great characters. Connie the friend who feels disconnected from her pack and sidelined by her bestie. Rocky, the loner Lion, who likes baking more than people! I loved how the tension mounted between these two once the bond was recognised as unlike in other books, they had to wait to consummate their bond fully as Rocky needed someone to mind the store LOL. Gerri is back at her Machiavellian best!