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January 2018

Baby, I’m Howling for You (Alphaville #1) by Christine Warren

1st full length novel set in this new world.

Mick is a lone wolf through choice. After his mate was killed Mick dealt with those responsible in a bloody fashion. Now settled in Alpha, he is content with his cabin in the middle of nowhere and his
calling as a Graphic Novellist.

Renny is a Librarian and just loves books. But that love of books got her into a sticky situation and when she rebuffed the Alpha of the town, he started to harass her. Now he has graduated to stalker and uses his goons to track her down. Her last hope is Alpha, haven for shifters of all kinds. But when her car breaks down and the goons are on her tail, she hightails into the forest and lands on the unsuspecting Mick’s door!

Poor Mick doesn’t know what way is up. His wolf says she is his mate but he already had a mate and doesn’t believe what he feels. Renny is in so much danger she can’t work out why she feels so safe with this strange, lonely male. But she feels an attraction that she can’t deny..she just keeps getting mixed signals from Mick!

Mick is a man in denial! He may still has a few issues but he is dealing with them and is just perfect for Renny. His inner rants at himself are quite entertaining. He loves Renny for who she is and at turns loves her intelligence and hates that downright stubborn streak she has. He really has to lock her out of decisions for her own safety sometimes because she is so damn independent!

Renny is no damsel in distress, ooh i broke a nil type! She is brilliantly feisty and I loved her.

Looking forward to more in this series cos the cocky mayor has got to get knocked off his feet!

Final Siege (Love Over Duty #2) by Scarlett Cole

I loved the first book in this series so I had high hopes for this book and I was not disappointed.

Mac and the others from Eagle Security have been friends since they were toddlers. But tragedy struck and they lost one of their friends. But Mac lost more than a friend, he also lost the love of his life, Delaney, the sister of his lost friend. She could not get past the fact that Mac was there but could not save her brother.

Fast forward a decade or so and Mac and the boys have founded Eagle Security and Mac has had no contact with Delaney. But when he gets a call from Germany that Delaney has been hurt and is asking for him, he drops everything to go to her.

Delaney is now an investigative reporter, steeped into a deep web of corruption, arms dealing and potentially with a drug dealing connection. She is kidnapped and beaten to a pulp. When she finally wakes up she doesn’t know what to make of Mac being there. She grudgingly accepts his help and him getting her home but she is not ready to rip off the Band-Aid covering her heart.

But when danger continues to dog Delaney she has to turn to Mac for help and all their old feelings flood to the top but she struggles with separating her love for Mac and her anger at the loss of her brother.

We get to drop in on the shy genius that is Louisa and we get to see a bit more of Ghost and the others at Eagle. I loved meeting Mac’s big, Irish, huggy, family. I enjoyed the way that Delaney was just swept up into the family as if she had never been away. It was also great that she didn’t fall into Mac’s arms right away, she really had to wrangle with her emotions, even when her body was telling her something else.


Her Passionate Hero (Black Dawn #3) by Caitlyn O’Leary

If you read this without shedding tear, uttering a mouthful of profanity or laughing like a loon occasionally then you must be dead! A fiery mix of unrecognised love, inner strength, resilience Aliana always felt she was not good enough, an outsider. The only person who made her whole was Hunter. But she decided that she wasn’t good enough for him and slipped out of his life.

Now older but no less self effacing and with a self esteem in the minus, she at least now has coping mechanisms and she ours her heart into the kids in her school. but Aliana has put a great big target on her back and she may just have taken on the local gang leader!

Hunter hates that he lost Aliana when he went into the Navy but hen he gets word from his grandma that she is in trouble, he has no intention of letting her say No to him this time. He may be a big badass SEAL but he had a tender heart and has seen more of the depravity of mankind that is good for him. He escaped the gang life once and has no intention of letting it suck in more of his life. Aliana is older, but still his Aliana.

He may not know all that has befallen her since they were parted but Hunter knows Aliana has some serious ghosts. But then he has some of his own.

OMG this book is full of the feels! There are some triggers in this book that may be uncomfortable for some: bullying, attempted sexual assault, gang-related violence but all are handled with care and great love. The characters are full of life and challenges and of course that little nugget of “something” that makes you love them! Aliana is strength personified even when she cannot see it herself. Hunter may be all Alpha male but he has wonderful way of dealing with Aliana.

The background characters are all fabulously quirky. Mamie and Mrs J are forces of nature. We all get to check in with the “Dawners” and meet Zed – there is a man full of mystery! It would not be a Caitlyn O’Leary book if there was not a seam of humour throughout. Whilst the story has dark elements, the characters have a way of taking the darkness and turning light upon. Won’t say much accept to say “Bookclub”! OMG I snorted so much with that bunch of little old ladies!

Thanks Fur Last Night (Fur #1) by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter

Fab compilation of PNR!

Bearing His Sin by Eve Langlais – Witty, OTT, and fabulously funny!

Bought By The Bear by Milly Taiden – Fake mates have a way of becoming true mates! Great read – Grandma almost stole the show

The Alpha and I by Kate Baxter- I felt this was the weakest of the three but that could be because I’ve read less of this authors work so don’t have a real feel for it. Felt it would have been better as longer story so characters had more time to develop.

Overall a great collection of stories adn well worth the money!

Cover Reveal – Just like Breathing by Diana Gardin

Official BannerRelease Date: March 12
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Her broken pieces are the only thing holding him together…

One moment, one twist of fate’s cruel hand–and I lost everything. My soul broke into a million pieces I didn’t know how to put back together… until him.
He dragged me through hell and brought me back. But when he saw the person behind the destruction, he hesitated.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for the life I knew to crash and burn. With no anchor, I reached out. I didn’t expect to grab onto someone more broken than me… But when she exhaled the first breath of air into my lungs, I knew damn well I wasn’t good enough for her.
The only question was how long could I hold on?

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Wild Fury (FURY Security #1) by Lindsay Cross

I’ve read most of this authors other books so was excited to start this new series! It is a lot darker and kinkier than her previous works. Not my usual cup of tea but I read it with an open mind.

Tomi has dabbled with BDSM since she was a teenager. She ran from Cole during his first deployment with the SEALS and has yet to find anyone who measures up. But when she sees something she shouldn’t she ends getting a lot more than she bargained for!

Cole is on the hunt for a friends Sub who has been abducted. But when he attends a “slave” auction where the girls are actual slaves, he did not expect to see Tomi as the main auction item! When he manages to finagle her away from her intended buyer, he has to get information from her which might lead to the other captured girls.

They are soon back in each others arms but things are not plain sailing for these two!

All the Fury boys have names starting with C, so it got a wee bit confusing keeping them all straight! These boys are all into kink in one way or another. It was a lot darker than I thought it would be and a couple of scenes in the cabin were a bit strong for me, but I could see who it meshed with the characters lives. Tomi was the perfect sub for Cole, she just had to finally let go.

There are a few triggers that some may find uncomfortable, strong BDSM elements, ménage-a- quatre scenes and sexual slavery. I’ll be reading the rest of the books in the series as I want to know what happened to Carrie and if Adam ever finds Tara!


Fur Ever Yours (Black Paw Pack #1) by Melanie James

I had an audible credit & used it to purchase this book.

Rafe may be the Alpha of Black Paw but he is not immune to the fickle female that is fate! When his pack comes across a female shifter in dire straits and escort her to him, he immediately recognises her as hit mate, the one thing he didn’t plan on!

Mina has barely escaped from the goons sent after her by the Alpha of her pack, Twisted Tail. That pack is all kinds of wrong and she refuses to be forced to mate with the Alpha, she saw what happened to his last mate. But she is terrified what will befall her mother and sisters if she doesn’t return.

Griffin is one sick puppy! He really does need to be put down and quickly! I loved Mina’s sisters – they are just typical teenagers, not quite taking in the seriousness of the situation. Lucas and Rafe’s mum are also strong characters and I loved that Lucas is having similar troubles once his mate has been revealed to him!

Roll on Erin and Lucas!

Great narrator who managed to make the “male” voices different so I managed to keep them straight in my head!

Levi (Hell Squad, #15) by Anna Hackett

The Berserkers are back! I’m usually not a fan of Bad Boys but this group have captured my heart! They me be tatted to the nth degree and seen the inside of police station more than most but that doesn’t make them bad guys if you get my meaning? They are rough, tough and have their own set of rules.

Levi is part of the motley crew of Berserkers. He is…well the nicest way of putting is that he had an ummm eclectic in his taste for women. he loves them all and he loves to share the love! But he is getting tangled up in knots by Chrissy. She doesn’t put up with his antics and snarks back at him. She can pull apart an engine with the best of them and something about her getting all greasy seems to be an aphrodisiac for him!

Chrissy is an engineering marvel! She tinkers about with squads vehicles, making them as safe as she can. She harbours a thing for Levi but she has no intention of being just another notch on his bedpost. She is snarky, sassy, sexy and smart – a brilliant combination.

Drakon’s Past by NJ Walters

About the book:

Constance Owens has a gift for finding unique items in the most unlikely places, which comes in handy since she buys and sells artefacts and antiques for a living. When she purchases a set of four dragon statues, she has no idea just how unique they are, or that finding them will thrust her into a world of secret societies, men who think nothing of kidnapping and murder to get what they want, and dragon shifters.

Nic hasn’t survived for four thousand years by letting his guard down, and he doesn’t trust anyone except his drakon brothers. The loneliness haunting him has been getting worse since all his brothers have found their mates. And when he finds the woman his drakon recognizes instantly as his fated mate, he doubts he’ll ever have what his brothers have, because it seems she’s involved with the secret society of hunters who have been hunting and capturing his kind for hundreds of years.

Purchase Link:

Excerpt #1

Constance blinked. She heard Abigail scream and some of the men yell. Nic had to be about fifteen feet long, and that wasn’t including his long, powerful tail, which was tucked around him.

He rose on his back legs and released his wings. The spread had to be at least double the size of his body.

Nic was a dragon.

She shook her head. Impossible.

Nic. Was. A. Dragon.

She’d had sex with a dragon. She was in love with a bloody dragon. How was this even possible? Then she remembered what Nic had told her about Dent and how the group he belonged to wanted to capture him and drink his blood. She couldn’t let that happen.

But it was too late. Dent fired at her again, and Nic pounced, coming down over her. She feared he might crush her with his gigantic body, but instead, he crouched above her like some big watchdog, shielding her from any further bullets.

The moment he was inside the circle, something changed. He roared as though he was in pain. She scrambled out from beneath him. “Nic? Nic, what’s wrong?” Stupid question all things considered, but this was something different, something he hadn’t been expecting.

These statues were dangerous to him.

He turned his big head toward her and opened his mouth. God, those were big teeth. All the better to eat her with. Yeah, not a pleasant thought. In this form, she’d barely be a snack.

“Run.” The word was guttural, as though it had been pulled from him.

He’d known. He’d known she’d planned to betray him, and still he was trying to save her. If she hadn’t already loved him, she would have fallen in that moment. Man or beast, it didn’t matter. He’d known. He’d known she’d planned to betray him, and still he was trying to save her. If she hadn’t already loved him, she would have fallen in that moment. Man or beast, it didn’t matter.

DrakonsPast_500My Review:

Nic has reached breaking point. He’s seriously considering taking an eternal sleep. He has tired of the world and his past is tangled in his present and he had a rather jaded view.

Constance has a very hand quirk, she can find very rare and unique artefacts. She is also a super protective sister and she would step in front of a bullet to keep her safe. but can she take on a Drakon?

Nic and Constance are instantly attracted to each other but both are lugging around a multitude of baggage! Whilst the road to love was rocky, you can tell that even though they have to work at it, they’ll be good together. I love the fact that the heroines aren’t just arm candy, they have talents all of their own and they don’t have to rely on the men to get them out of sticky situations.

We do learn a bit more about the Dragon Guard and the background of the story but the story arc itself doesn’t accelerate much. I’m hoping for the story to move on a bit in the next book. But otherwise a great read.


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