Brilliant short read that was the perfect blend of danger, romance, family bonds and feel good humour..with a pinch of irreverent snark!

Thalia, aka Lia, is the new nanny to a newly orphaned toddler, Alex. He is waaaay to mature for his age but Lia loves the little guy and would do the job for nothing! She landed the job when she had just left her slimbeball ex after catching him with her best friend. But when she sees a tall, built, naked guy in Alex’s room she flips to mama bear mode and threatens to rip him a new one if he doesn’t leave.

Nick, aka King Nicholas, never expected to meet his nephews nanny whilst nude, after returning from an illicit run with young Alex. He can’t exactly tell her he is a shifter but he manages to dazzle her into not castrating him! When she finally meets a clothed Nick, Lia realises he is her boss and expects to be fired forthwith, but she finds herself on a date instead!

As Nick and Lia grow closer, we learn more about the tragedy that left Nick as Alpha and interim father. We also see more from Lia’s ex who seems to be delusional to say the least!

With great secondary characters such as Zara (Nick’s assistant), Mark (Cocky enforcer type) and Shane (honorary pack member and another shifter, there is a very strong cast to keep you engaged.
Raul is sufficiently twisted and evil and there are a few misunderstood moments with a newly returned pack member which plays on Lia’s insecurities. Great read and I’d love more!!!