This was a full to the brim story, which created a great tension between Frisco and Haven.

Haven and Frisco are working for Deimos and Delta respectively. They find themselves working on the same operation, cos as usual the alphabet agencies don’t coordinate! Haven is injured whilst protecting her tech geek/friend and Frisco makes sure she gets out of the action.

Fast forward a few weeks and Haven is not dealing with her injury the way this kickass, take no prisoners agent should be. She is becoming mean to everyone and she even manages to make Frisco not want to be around her with her attitude.

Fast forward a nother few months and Friso and Haven are forced to work an op together and finally Haven opens up and lets Frisco and his endearing and stubborn flirting in!

I loved the slow build up between these two. This was a kinda instalust on behalf of Frisco which seemed to seep into his bones and which Haven did her best to ignore. I can’t wait to read more in this world as the writing was superb. The banter was witty and smacks of proper team camaraderie and the passion is HAWT!