Whoohoo Safeguard is back with a bang!


Adam has been left with an honourable discharge but a maligned reputation after a botched mission. He has been given a position with Safeguard and he is keen to get back into the game and do what he does best.

Victoria is the Ice Queen! She has OCD when it comes to the details and she thinks she is the only one who can do everything right, the woman does not know the meaning of the word delegation! But after her last partner leaves and still tryign to divorce her ex, Victoria needs a night of passion to relax.

Enter Adam. Both attending the same function they end up in an adjacent bar and deal with some ruffians, leading them to a steaming hot interlude! But next day they realise they are they others new partner. Both agree to put their connection on the back burner o deal with the case but will they be able to keep it platonic??

Adam is a professional but he knows how to use hijinks to lessen the tension. Victoria really needs to get out more! She is a great female character but she is tres frosty!!! I loved the way Adam doesn’t treat her as inferior or try to undermine her, he is happy she is the boss and only wants her to take his points on board and utilise his skills.

Add in some backroom shenanigans trying to besmirch Safeguards record and a client who isn’t telling the whole truth, and there is plenty of subterfuge. Great character driven plot!