Razzy was injured saving the life of a small dragon and since then she has shut away her dragon. Now she has been neglected so long she is dying! Desperate to try and find her mate, she turns to Gerri Wilder’s PDA for help in tracking down her mate, in the hope of saving her dragon.


When she literally bumps into Roc outside Gerri’s office, he steals a kiss and essentially steals her, declaring that she is his mate! But he doesn’t realise she is a Dragon and being a Wyvern, this could go all Romeo and Juliet very fast!

Roc is a simply guy and doesn’t want the politics that go along with being a leader but that doesn’t mean he won’t beat anyone over the head who tries to take what he declares as his, and that includes his lovely new mate. He can’t identify what species of shifter she is but when it comes out, he will spare nothing to make her his. He defies his Wyvern brethren and fends off a coup to take his power but when his mates brother appears, can he keep her too?

Fast, furious and funny. Roc was quite caveman like but I really enjoyed the grunts and eyerolls that are I can just seem him doing, even when not described in the story!