Daft me thought this was a contemporary western (that’s what I get for just seeing the Authors name and going “buy, buy,buy”! However I really enjoyed this PNR, Extrasensory spin on the wild, wild West!

Sam is the oldest son of a cattle baron and founder of the local town. He follows the rules so when a certain flame haired bank thief manages to get him to twist the rules, he’s not quite sure what has come over him.

Scarlet Morning Star was adopted by a Native American when her family and town were decimated by a fever. She survived but now has a certain fiery talent to go with her flaming tresses! Left behind when her brothers robbed the bank of Dorado, she finds herself not too distressed at being held captive by the handsome Sam. His family is treating her like a guest and he makes her very innocent self have some very racy thoughts!

Scarlet and her brothers all have an extra special talent, such as dream walking, shape shifting or healing. But there seems to be a little bit of something extra going on with Sam’s youngest brother too! Loved the characters and I cannot wait to get my hands on more in this series!