We are back on the Planet Xren (think pre-historic Earth where everything is trying to kill you!)


Emilia is pretty much useless in her new little tribe. She is scared to go outside, she can’t hunt and doesn’t really contribute much. But when a taunt by a fellow survivot has her rushing off trying to prove her worth, Emilia may just find she is made out of sterner stuff than she thought.

Ar’ox is stunned when he rescues Emilia. She is the first female he has ever scene and his enticement to have her return to his village is quite good! But as the relationship develops between them he feels less and less likely to hand her over to his elder. He wants her for himself!

Ar’ox is bit too susceptible to power hungry elders spreading garbage and Emilia really needed too grow up and take charge of herself. But once we got past that it was a good story with plenty to keep me interested.