Kelly only wanted to stop by and say hello to her grandfather on her way home to Maine. She did not expect to meet on the secret agent type guys he works for. Any more than she expected her very possessive and protective dog, Xena, a Caucasian Ovcharka to smack her straight into his arms!

Rick never realised that Henry’s granddaughter was quite so got and that she would have a dog the size of a small van! But he feels an instant pull to the redhead and manages to sweet talk her into a date. When the date becomes an overnight date, Rick realises that this is anything but a one shot deal for him. She may live in Maine but he’ll find a way to make this work. He just an assignment in Iraq to finish first.

Kelly feels the same but before she knows it she is back on the road with Xena. But when Xena freaks out and then she learns that Rick was shot at and is in hospital, she realises that Xena knew something had happened to him. Kelly and Xena will have to use their psi bond, enhanced by the Lotus Circle, to keep Rick from further harm.

I’m loving this series of women with particular extra senses and the red hot alpa men who love them. I also now have a hankering for my own Xena!!! She is a star in her own right in this book.