Every day tale of human boy meets not-so-human anymore girl in a dystopian future!

A decade after the world went to hell, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Brownies and all manner of other things that go bump in the night have become very real problems. Not only is Humankind scrabbling for survival, they also have to be very careful not to become someones dinner!

Sanctuary is little more than a crease in the map but somehow this little town has bandied together and are surviving more or less intact. With runes on the entryways, holy water in the coffee and a population with very itchy trigger fingers. Mason was a soldier before Armageddon and now he is “sheriff” amongst this little town. He still feels human but his body seems to find a way to heal from even the most heinous injuries, something he is keeping on the downlow!

Andy enters town and, due to her very otherworldly abilities, she can see through all the precautions the town has in place. She may not be human any more but she doesn’t mean the town harm. She has a particular skill set now, she is a reaper and damn good at her job. But when the town realises that she isn’t human they eject her.

But Mason is still an overgrown boy scout and goes after her, after she did help them vanquish the bad guys. But after an “adult entertainment” interlude they return to town and find the folks reeling from an underhand attack. Can Andy and Mason save the day? Or will the very things that make them “different” ensure that they end up alone?

OOOH this was fab! Andy is kickass but still very vulnerable, even if she would never admit it to herself. Mason is so sure he is human still…but is he. Andy and Mason together is very much sending a monster to catch a monster, especially when the monster doesn’t know that is!! I can;t wait to read more about this cracking little town!