Rachel Clancy is back!

We’ve moved on 6 months from book 1 and the Warriors are now living on the surface. Rachel is once again getting her “spidey-senses” in a bunch and the Elder Warriors decide to send her on a Mission to another habitat to seek help.

Aiding her on this mission is the lovable Chad. Now that his crush on Rachel is out in the open and she has had some time to get over Jason, the werewolf who abandoned her, he has set his sights on wooing the young warrior. But when their mission goes awry they are abducted by some new foes and we learn that they are not the only captives – Jason is here too!!

But when tragedy strikes will Rachael be left reeling again? Will she make it back to genesis with help?

Rachel is a great lead. She is fickle like most teenagers and she does tend to bounce back from her romantic entanglements just a little bit too fast but when love strikes you can’t ignore it. She is average in every way but still seems to come out on top. I loved her internal disgust when she realises what Tia wants to do with her life! But keep the hankies at the ready cos there are sad, poignant moments and I had a few tears escape.

Deacon is a great 3rd wheel to any relationship Rachel finds herself in and I’m rooting for him to find someone to love – eventually!