The Phoenix Agency is my kinda place! Hot men, great action and a little bit of…weird added in for good measure!


Dan is used to being the boss and his Alpha gene is very much in evidence. But he is also quite tolerant of unusual skills – after all one of his friends can talk with his wife in his head!

Mia was great as the scholar trying to play down her ability. but she has tried to help people in distress before but she has had as many losses as wins and she feels marginalised by law enforcement. But when her visions are very strong and recurring, she takes action to ensure that a robbery does not take place. but her Good Samaritan e-mail gets her onto the Phoenix Agency radar and she finds herself sucked in the maelstrom!

I loved set up and I really enjoyed the fact that Dan had such a strong impact on her, even before they met through Mia’s “personal” vision! LOL! I did manage to suss out the baddies, which is unusual for me cos I’m generally still in the dark! The author manages to mix real life problems, technology, social media & paranormal elements brilliantly!