Hale Carter is nerd in hottie clothing! He has mad engineering skills which he now puts to good use, now that he has left the Navy. He enjoys his job at THS and hopes to utilise his gadgets during his assignments. But he has ghosts from his past which plague him at night and for once his playboy reputation is of benefit, cos he doesn’t stay the night with any of his lady friends and therefore does not put them in harms way.


Elin Alexander is a small, blonde, dynamo with a kickass attitude and super scary gungho attitude. She already put her job before her marriage once so for now relationships are way off her radar. She has been undercover trying to find out more about the Silk Road and is onto a hot tip but she is forced to take on help from THS when her next “assignment” is in the Kalahari desert. She saw what Silk Road did to her family and she will do anything to disrupt their plans.

Hale and Elin burn up the pages with sizzling attraction but try to curtail their bond since they are currently undercover and in permanent fight or flight mode. Hale’s nightmares don’t exactly help.

This series just excels! Indiana Jones on Speed meets SEALS. A great mix of history, myth, action, adventure and romance. I loves all of Hale’s gadgets, I need to get me some of these little beauties!