Jo is on the run from her former coven. Thrown out by a jealous Elder and accused of practising dark magic, she finds herself being chased by monstrous figures through the forest. When she is almost dead on her feet, she stumbles into a shed and hides. When she is later found by the owner of the house, she lashes out with her sacred knife and has a hard time believing this huge, manly man doesn’t want to harm her.


Reece is kind of unflappable and unassuming. But when Fiona tells him to get home as there is a female in trouble hiding in his shed, he thinks she has finally flipped! But sure enough she is in there and comes out fighting. Realising that she has been harmed by men in her past, he walks off and returns in his miniature fox size. Jo warms up to his lil critter and she soon calms down enough to accept help from the fox’s “human” self, even though she is unaware that fox and man are one and the same!

When Reece realises that Jo is a “Juvie” he fends off the males suddenly taking interest in her and when a spell backfires and he and Jo don’t repel but attract each other more, he is on shaky ground. He won’t hurt Jo but can’t allow her to leave either!

I understood Jo’s hesitancy around men but felt that she kind of retreated to an almost childlike state around them. She had been a 40yr old woman and had a lifetime of experiences even if men were not included in that life and just felt that a grown adult would not have been quite so…naive. I loved Reece, his gentle acceptance of Jo’s witch and her past just made him uber hot! His hidden intellect and his aw shucks demeanour really drew me to him.

I’m distraught that this is the end of the series. I wanted more from Cougarville but maybe we will see more of the Dire Wolves from Asheville soon!!