Charlotte is a former Earth fighter pilot, slowly going nuts doing shuttle runs. She wants to join her new planets army and kick butt!!! She wants to get in on her own merit though and not use her links to the planets new queen, her friend, to do it.


Coriax is a warrior first and foremost but he has allowed grief to sweep him up into the anti-human movement on the planet. He finds himself attracted to the feisty little human when she is attached to his squad on a trial basis. As the weeks pass he finds that his former plan of evicting the humans any way necessary from his plant less and less appealing.

Charlotte and Coriax may have passion but clearly their path is not going to be an easy one! Charlotte is tough, smart and a damn good pilot. Coriax is a wounded in the heart warrior, led astray but once his heart has been captured by Charlotte you know his former plan has bit the dust!