Sixten Rapp is my kinda hero!!! He’s hot, alpha to the core and a little bit broken, I do like my heroes to have some kind of “flaw” as it makes them a whole lot easier to connect to!


Having retired from the Armed Services, Six and his mates have formed a security agency, Eagle Securities and it is taking shape slowly but surely. They are hiring new folks and taking on more cases. He is not happy about working for a former high school associate, but work is work.

Dr. Louisa North is a genius but she is socially awkward. Give her a lab and a puzzle and she is happy as a clam but doing talks at’s a necessary evil to find a cure for the illness that claimed her father and which she herself may be a carrier. Saved by Six during a meltdown, they form an easy friendship and when things start to go wrong at her lab she knows exactly who to turn to.

Six and Louisa are drawn together but just as they take their fledgling feelings further, she becomes his client causing all sorts of headaches where his partners are concerned!

Louisa is a fab character, shy, awkward, smart but still attractive in her own quirky way. Six is strong but complicated and failing to deal with his PTSD issues. Together they get through each others issues and seem to calm each other without thinking about it. There are a great selection of secondary characters and I can’t wait to meet them in more depth in the next books. Mac and Delaney look like being an insanely complicated duo!!!