Jillian Matthews has been tasked to work with a specialist unit, manned by newly revealed Jaguar shifters. On the way to meet them she decided to drop in on her brother who is staying nearby. But when she arrives she finds his friend almost dead. She manages to get him to safety with a nearby pack and awaits another new recruit to the team.


Vaughn Greystoke planned on dropping in on his friend and another wolf on his way to a meeting with a possible new team. But when he arrives he sees a wolf, muzzle covered in blood, blood which smells of his friend. But the wolf runs and he has no option but to follow. He didn’t figure on shots being fired at him by an accomplice though! When he later finds out that the shooter is his new partner and the wolf was her brother? Well life just got a whole lot more interesting!

Jillian and Vaughn sparkle! Their chemistry is instant and can be seen by all their team mates.
I loves knowing that they were interested in each other at the Kitty Kat club but neither acted on, being with dates at the time. But this time there are no impediments. The team dynamics were great, considering they were different species, and I loved the camaraderie they shared, even the teasing of the circling potential mates.

Great mix of action/adventure, passion and with a treasure hunting sidestory and a femme fatale who just makes your mind spin!!!!