Releases 1st August!!!

Bear is holding on by his claws to his sanity. In the aid of his sister he changed into his dragon form and now his bear is struggling to heal from this unprecedented multi shift!!!


Nessa is a friend of his sister and she has a plan to save him and help herself in return. She wants to mate him and use some of his dragon power to fuel her so far non-functioning flame powers.
Her talents as a witch lie elsewhere as a healer and as such she has no real defensive powers. But as a healer she is a hot commodity and mating Bear will get her away from the male trying to claim her!

Nessa was kind of hard to love at first, she was just to business like and matter of fact about mating Bear! Bear is just gruff and lovable. He has a heart of gold and I loved how much he loved his sister and enjoyed annoying her stand-offish mother! We finally find out who is behind the Apollo ring and it’s a doozy!