I loved the Bones books and was excited to see what this new series would be like. It does have a totally different feel from Tempe’s books and it has a completely different set up.


Sunday Night, former Marine, former Cop and current hermit is asked by her former foster father to look into the disappearance of a young girl. Sunnie can see the similarities between the missing girl and herself and decides to take the case.

When she visits the girls grandmother (think ultra rich, used to getting her own way, elderly lady) she finds out more of what happened and travels to Chicago to begin her investigation.

Sunday is is scarred, mentally and physically from her experiences and her childhood of which we can see glimpses. She is tough as nails and whilst she has retreated from the world she is not completely cut off. I love meeting her twin Gus, I really enjoyed their relationship and how they unite against those who may write them off.