I’m not usually a lover of YA books (I’m waaaaaay too long in the tooth) but every so often there is one that grabs my attention.

Rachel has lived underground all her 16 years but when her Warrior father disgraced himself, he put a target on her back at the habitats leader is about to get his revenge. Singled out for a dangerous solo mission her first time outside, she has to put all her training and knowledge to the test. She faces vampires and werewolves.

But she has to revise her perception of all werewolves as monsters when she is saved by some! As she gets to know the older, hunkier Jason, his twin sisters and his doctor father, she learns more of what happened to them after the end and how they have survived. But when Jason’s father drops a bombshell on her, young Rachel has to decide how best to save her habitat and other humans.

Jason and Rachel may be young but just because you meet your partner early in life doesn’t mean it’s doomed to failure. They have chemistry but Rachel is strong in her convictions and I loved that she never backed down. I was left reeling because I never knew where I was with Jason’s dad!!!
But things for the youngsters may not be so cut and dried. Rachel is gaining a slew of admirers including her friends older brother and Brody, who she saves from a prison camp.

I’m hoping that this sudden rush of potential love rivals will get explained in the next book! But I’m still rooting for Jason, well until I find out what his dad is up to anyway!!!