I loved the original books in the TREX series so I had high hopes for this book. I was not disappointed!


Harold is a nerd through and through right down to the mullet but he us a contradiction cos this nerd is wrapped in handsome make packaging!

Emma is a fixer. She dates men that she can fix but they are all the same inside, horrors! When she realises Harold was sent to talk to her on a dare she soon puts his frat buddies right!

But when Harold, who she renames Ryan, asks for her help to masks him into the very thing she hates she is left in a quandary, help Ryan and get into the party of the year or leave him as the hot shelled but sweet guy he is!!

Great story with Ryan being g earmarked for Baileys new programme and having to perform tests without Emma finding out! Great characters and some real idiot frat boys to hate!!!