34113360Una is the oldest daughter of Poseidon. In her millennia of life she has always taken her duty to protect earth from demons seriously. With her best friend at her side she can take on anything. But when trouble looms on earth and they rescue shifters from imprisonment, she never expected to meet Brody, a hellhound shifter and member of the Order of Light, inhabitants of hell who fight for good!

Brody realises early on just what Una is to him but he has to get through her stubborn refusal and her male best friend to get her to admit it!!!

We also meet Tristan,another escapee from the jail. He pledges himself to Unas cause and we learn a little of what befell him.

Una is stubborn, sweet and a kick ass warrior to boot! Brody is cocky and bold and not taking no for an answer! Brilliant story and can’t wait for more!