ACCIDENTAL BOUNTY (Book 4 in the Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters)

Drake Miller owes his bosses a debt, and he’s agreed to train the newest bounty hunter as repayment. He thought it would be a piece of cake until he met his trainee. Rainbow haired Jinx, is a walking, talking accident waiting to happen, but he’s no quitter. His pride won’t let him shirk his duty to train her. All he has to do is train her and set her free. How hard could it be?

Jane Jean “Jinx” Alexander was once a troublesome teenager on the wrong path in life. Then she met two bounty hunters that helped her change her life for the better. Now she wants to work for them as a bounty hunter in hopes of maybe helping someone else turn their lives around. The only obstacle in her way was Drake Miller, the hot well built bounty hunter who was her trainer. He was gorgeous and sexy, totally out of her league. She was determined to not let him or anyone else keep her from her dreams. She knew she could do this, all she had to do was ignore the sexy Drake and keep her eyes on her perps. Easy right?

Release date is July 26th!

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