This was my first read in this series and I did not feel I missed out on knowing the back story. Yes it took a couple of chapters to sort out in my head but I really enjoyed this book!


Tori is the wildchild. Her sister may be a cop but Tori sings in a band and admits to taking drugs.
She also has this funky ability or curse to render technology around her a pile of useless plastic and metal!

Adam is the brother in law of her newly mated sister. She has found herself dropped down a rabbit hole into a world she didn’t realise existed, one where magic and witches are real! But when she is sentenced to death by the witch council her unlikely hero is Adam. Calculating, cunning & too handsome for his own good Adam! But his ability to throw fire is coming in handy, especially as someone really wants Tori dead or captured!

Add in a backdrop of council skullduggery, witch treason, rebels with a cause and magical abilities and you have yourself a rip roaring ride! I loved seeing Tori break through her naivety and see the world through her newly opened eyes to the supernatural world! With a tantalising taste of what awaits Bear in the next book I cannot wait to see what comes next!!!