As a cranky crab myself, crab shifters were always going to be up my alley!! This is a cross over between Zodiac Shifters and Ms Slate’s own Halcyon Romance series.


Cyane dangled herself as bait and her adopted brothers were supposed to come and rescue her. But the best laid plans go awry and Cyane finds herself searching her prison for the vial containing her healing powers. When she is caught and manhandled by a very large figure and then carted off again, she really cannot believe her luck!

Theron is the leader of his people, a race of crab shifters. Faced with the extinction of his race at the whim of a foul disease he is searching for a cure. When he comes across a thief who just consumed the very healing powers he was looking for, he takes the lad off home with him. But once they arrive he realises that this is no lad but a nymph!

I loved this crossover! Mix a pacifist nymph and crab shifter warrior and you have a maelstrom of trouble! Cyane is sweet and snarky at the same time with a very un-nymph like outlook. Theron is beleaguered by family betrayal and the deaths of his subjects, which gave him a slightly skewed and unhinged outlook on life.