This is the 3rd book in this series. I had not read any of the other books in the series, and whilst I did get a bit lost with previous storylines, I still found it easy enough to slip into the world and highly enjoyed it!


Wyatt has retired from the Armed Services and returned to the ranch he vowed never to return to. But his family is under attack and it’s best to concoct a plan of attack with his brothers. His father is missing after being abducted but their strained relationship meant that they hadn’t been close for some time.

He never forgot Callie though. Their brief teenage relationship has been his anchor for years. He left her behind in the safety of his family from the nest of vipers that was her family.

Callie may look fragile but this girl has an inner core of steel. You’d have to to survive her family of crooks. They left her for dead when she was a teenager and she was rescued by Wyatt. But unbeknown to her he has been keeping them at a distance for years. But they are now ramping up efforts to get her back into the family and are being non too subtle about it either!

Although they have a history together I loved the slow build to passion in this story. It doesn’t overtake the suspense and danger storyline but slots nicely into the timeframe. With surprising allies, Russians good and bad, bio weapons and a family that makes your stomach turn/ This is a great mix of action, adventure and romance. I loved the lead in for what I hope is the next book, after all the brothers are now sorted so time to get Dad on track to happiness!!