The gorgeous Gladiators of Carthago are back!! House of Galen is getting decidedly crowded with all these earthlings seeking refuge!


This story picks up where book 5 ended, Mia and Dayna have been abducted and the search continues to trace them. Winter may be blind but she finally feels useful in the medbay, although not anything like the skills she utilised as a surgeon on Earth. She can’t help but feel useless and helpless when Nero is around. He is huge, strong and powerful. He never seems to tire of telling her what she cannot do and how much danger she would be in.

Nero was bred to be powerful, only the strong survived on his planet. But as he survived and flourished in the arena he has learned that might is not always right, he just cannot seem to curb his alpha caveman tendencies around Winter. She is fragile and ill-equipped for the terrain they must cover in their search for her friends but she has a willpower like no other!

But when she and Blaine are continually singled out and attempts made to kidnap them during the search, the others realise that Humans are being especially sought out, not just the women. But can Winter survive long enough to find out what happened to her friends?

I love this series hard! The Gladiators may be big and tough but these determined, spine of steel humans have them wrapped around their fingers! Winter is brilliant as the incapacitated but far from helpless Winter. Nero is big, brash and has a severe case of foot-in-mouth-itis when it comes to dealing with her! I almost cried when we wound out why the Humans were being rounded up! But I laughed at the discovery of a certain hacker who became their inside woman! I think a certain Zhim might have a fight on his hands for the title of House of Galen hacker!!

PS We also learn “Blue’s” real name!!!