Fang Gang are back n business!


Ilove these slightly off-kilter vampires! The fact that they are Scots like me has nothing to do with my love for them…honest!! Searc has fought the pull to Jessie, the very human-like daughter of his Maker for years. But when he “hears” her cal lout for him, he contacts her father, only to be told she was safe and well at home(as far as he knows!)

Jessie is the result of certain experiments and isn’t quite sure what mix of species she is! She doesn’t appear to have any vampire tendencies, however she wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of Searc. She has at turns loved and hated the big,brooding Scot for years. But when she loses a chunk of time and then starts feeling unwell, she knows something is up, especially when her father summons Searc and tells her to do what he says! There is danger afoot and he wants her safe, even if it is with his former second.

What follows is delve into the hidden depths,passions and fears of Searc and just how manipulative Jessie can be! She soon has the Searc wrapped around her finger, although she doesn’t always see that. She occasionally only sees the opinionated, domineering alpha that he can be! The banter between the Fang Gang is awesome with Aubrey being my favourite secondary character!

The A%%hole of the week award also make an appearance and I’m sure a certain swooning vampire will be its recipient soon enough! Cannot wait for the next book!