Gabe is carrying on his fathers wishes, he became a cop and took care of his family. But the personal cost was high, he left behind the love of his young life, Scarlet. Now working undercover on a multiple homicide as a high end escort he can’t believe that his next client is Scarlet!


Scarlett Bishop has left her old world behind. She has got rid of her cheating ex and is carrying on running her art gallery. But with a big art event in Miami, she needs some arm candy to distract her fellow art dealers and clients! Gabe is just what she needs.

But as the story unfurls Scarlet and Gabe are pulled deeper into the web of the killer and the murky underbelly of the art world.

Well paced and highly enjoyable story. I thought there was a great mix of action and romance and the story was intriguing. Would definitely read more in this series!