We’re back in Last Stop, the littlest hot bed of special ops!


Miller is the best friend of Tess (Book 1). She loves that her friend has found love with the hot but steady Deacon. If only her own love life was so exciting! She’s a Romance author after all, who doesn’t really believe in relationships because they will never be as perfect as those in her head! Add in a frustratingly brief encounter with Elias and this is one pent up, about to blow, female! When her brother goes missing and a certain package is delivered, she feels herself slipping down the rabbit hole into her family’s obsession with King Solomon, something she has done everything to avoid.

Elias can;t believe he almost lost focus on his revenge plan against Eve. He needs to keep himself and his “little head” under control and away from the tempting Miller. But when they realise who deep in trouble her brother is, he is the only one who can go with her and try to keep her safe.

A brilliant madcap romance, think Romancing the Stone on steroids! Add in a waaaay to friendly AI, how may have her digital eye on Elias and a cartel with a far reach and this is an adventure to take your breath away.

Miller is in no way cut out for the spy life! But she adapts well and even with all her phobias she woman’s up and gets the job done. My only frustration was not finding out why Elias had such a hatred for Eve, far deeper that even Deacon and the other Gravediggers. But I am hooked on this series. Brilliant mix of almost small town romance, super secret spies and fraught emotional tensions! Wunderbar!!!