Agent Jenna Maxwell has a new undercover assignment and needs a ride down to Ilari. Enter Sub-Lt. Seb Raynes.


Seb is still in a funk after realising he had been friends with a traitor. But when he’s given babysitting duty for a CI spy he’s not a happy chappie. When they later go behind enemy lines, Jenna is dropped off and Seb makes his way back to the ship. But he is told to return as Jenna is now dead and he is to retrieve information from her corpse!

Jenna managed to make it out of the trap set for her alive. Now she and Seb have to return to the ship and investigate who set her up and why. Just as well part of her arsenal of spy gadgets are facial altering gizmos!

Jenna starts off quite cold but you soon see past the facade to the warm, intelligent and loyal woman beneath. Similarly, Seb presents a playboy outlook to the universe but he feels things deeply, especially betrayal. They have plenty of sparky banter and I loved the way the kind of goad each other into doing what they want! All the CI spies kind of remind me of the fembots from Austin Power! That kind of plasticised, bland pretty package hiding deadliness.

Plenty of mystery, thrills/spills and romance and a great paced story. I really love Sci Fi romance and this series has been amazing so far. I cannot wait to see what happens between CAFF and a certain male who rubs her the wrong way!