Celestial Mates is back in action and creating more love “across time and space.”


On Alva,Drevakin is feeling a tad jealous of the match made by his friend Elorshin to Margot and decides to request his own mate. But unbeknownst to him there is an agreement that when a male from a minor and major house match against the same female, the major house wins the girl (money talks even the future it seems!!!)

Clara is still mourning the loss of her husband 3 yrs prior but is making some steps to trying to find love again. But blind dates are hopeless with Earth males and when a friend tells her of Celestial mates she can’t help but feel it’s a scam, it’s the cynical cop inside of her. But when she is matched to not one but two pricnes she decides she has nothing to lose and goes to Alva.

Fast forward a few weeks and she realises she has been matched the devil himself! Rathorin is cruel and nasty to his servants, demands her full attention and treats her as a possession. Thankfully she has kept him at arms length and not consummated their courtship. But when she comes to the rescue of a lone female in a sticky situation, she is aided by a handsome stranger.

They have chemistry at first sight and a rather risque encounter a few weeks later seals her fate and she decides to leave Rathorin before he forces her to his bed. But when Rathorian realises what she has down and who she is with, he won’t let his prize walk away from him that easily and takes great measures to get her back into his clutches!

Drev is an absolute sweetheart. He’s good to his people, putting them before himself and fighting on their behalf. He adores Clara on first meeting even though he barely understands her atrocious Alvan accent, LOL. Clara is a great character, overcoming loss, being thrown into a new language and culture and putting up with the slimy Rathorin!

Great addition to the series!