Avren is the nerd brother but he is still a hottie!!!! He has come across information that may mean they can develop a way for the deployment of the Auxem’s wings to be non painful. But to do this right he needs the help of the smartest woman he knows, his ex-girlfriend, and they did not end well!


Veronica has got over Avren, really she has! Well that’s the lie she keeps telling herself when he drops back into her life. He left her once when she didn’t want to put him before her career but she saw what happened to her mother when men kept leaving her and she is not going down that path!
But when Avren gives her an intriguing proposition and her dream job falls through, she packs up and heads to Auxem. But before they even get planet-side people are out to to stop their work before it starts!

Avren was easy to love but I didn’t quite get why he asked Veronica to leave her career for him, he doesn’t seem the misogynistic type? Veronica did take a while to win me over. She did seem a bit TOO career focused, even going so far to have only friends with benefits and no other real friends because she was hyperfocused on work.

I loved all the Machiavellian power plays going on and what do you know?? Big Pharma companies in the future are still out to make a killing!!! Highly enjoyable and loves the epilogue where we see out favourite winged hotties and their families in the future!