Superman is up to the plate! He may hate that nickname but Thibault sure lives up to the name.


Mika has been dealt a bad hand in life. Parents who couldn’t give a damn, her grandmother passing away early and then the icing on the cake, she gets introduced to a certain psychopathic, Russian mobster who enjoys breaking her way too much. Her desperation brought him into her life but she decides to get out whilst she still can. But when she crashes into a hunk of man on her way to an errand, she never realises he wold be the catalyst to immense danger but also the first real safe zone she has ever had. Going into labour??? yeah she didn’t see that coming, and her new friend is all up in her business!!

Thibault loves his dysfunctional family, made up of his sister and their life long friends. Family is what you make it and he’s generally happy with his lot. Being run over by a cutie in a Toyota was not on his to do list though. But quickly realising that not only is the driver in labour but she didn’t even know she was pregnant, T leaps into action.

As they continue to bump into each other at the hospital T realises that Mika is in real trouble. Wll that’s what Bourbon Boys deals with daily, so they are just the crew to help her. But Mika is used to fending for herself. With her new little bundle of responsibility, she is even more wary of accepting help. But will her stubbornness lead her into more danger, especially as she is not very free with details of her situation.

Really enjoyed this story. Mika was head-headed and both jaded and naive! You could see how she got sucked into her situation and how well she had done to rise above her dodgy circumstances. T is just WOW. I’d love him to swoop in and rescue me! Be aware that there are some very horrible abusive situations mentioned in the book and these could be triggers for some reader.

There is an absolutely brilliant “WTF” moment when you realise just who is involved in the background of the whole mess. Great to catch up with the others in the crew, even Ice Queen Toni!